5 Trailering Tips for Summer

Summer is finally here and that means more activities start kicking in. Whether you’re planning for an upcoming move, redoing the landscape, or cleaning out your house, renting a trailer may be on your agenda. We’re here to give you 5 trailering tips to make your summer activities easier.

Connecting Your Trailer

So, you’re renting a trailer but do you know how to connect it? Although U-Haul can connect your trailer for you, it’s always good to know how to do it yourself. Therefore, some important tips you should know are:

  • How to securely attach the hitch ball to the ball mount
  • How to connect the safety chains underneath the trailer tongue, making sure the safety chains are not too long to where they will drag.

For a step-by-step visual process on how to connect your trailer, click here.

5 summer trailering tips

60/40 Rule

When it comes to loading your trailer, it’s important that you load 60% of your cargo weight in the front and 40% in the back. This may include larger items such as:

  • Appliances
  • Heavy furniture
  • Tools

Practicing these safe trailering tips will help with weight distribution in order to prevent the trailer from shifting/swaying.

Reduce Normal Speed

Whether it’s your first time towing a trailer or third, it’s important to always remember to reduce your speed. Vehicles towing trailers move more slowly than others, as the extra weight behind your vehicle will make it more difficult to accelerate, stop, and slow down.

Making Turns

Making sharp turns will require you to make a wider turn than normal in order to prevent your trailer from hitting or running over the curb. Therefore, drive slightly past your normal turning point and then onto the outside of the lane you are entering. This will make turning go smoothly.  

Disconnecting Your Trailer

Now that your trip with your trailer is over it’s important to know how to disconnect. To start:

  • Make sure your trailer and tow vehicle are parked on a level surface. This will make the unhitching process easier and prevent the trailer from shifting/rolling.
  • Place blocks/wedges under the trailer in front and behind the tires to keep it from rolling during the unhitching process
  • Disconnect the safety chains

For more detailed steps on how to disconnect, click here.

So, now that you know our 5 trailering tips for the summer, you’re ready to start towing. For some ideas on what to do with a trailer this summer, click here.