How to Plan Your Next Move

No two moves are the same but one thing they all share in common is an expectation of stress and physical labor on moving day.
The logistics alone are enough to raise even your most prepared DIY’ers blood pressure. However, organization can help with making your move smoother. But where do you begin? Here’s how to plan your next move.

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Get started early

Getting started early is always a best practice to follow. Organizing and getting rid of unwanted items often takes longer than anticipated. You’ll want to factor this time into your move, setting time aside to list, donate and drop off your unwanted items. Reducing the chaos of moving day by downsizing the volume of items to be moved in advance will save you time energy the day of. Securing boxes, storage and other tools prior to your move will allow you to be efficient and organized.

Schedule strategically

Short and long distance moves both require locking in the logistics. Mapping traffic and weather conditions beforehand could net you hours in unexpected detours or road closures. Keep some slack time in your schedule for inevitable delays.

You’ll also want to coordinate with your movers (hired or volunteered) on expectations and need-to-knows in advance.

Protect your belongings

As your move day approaches, make sure to protect yourself and belongings. First, identify any high value or sentimental items. Next, review your warranties and purchasing protective to make sure all bases are covered. Protective packing supplies such as bubble tape, packing paper and foam cushions will get your belongings to its new home safe and sound.

Start with the heavy stuff first

Moving your heaviest items first allows you to use the bulk of your strength, flexibility and energy while you’re still fresh. Equally important is proper moving truck loading technique. It requires that you load the heaviest items in towards the front of the truck.

Post-move cleanup

Now that you’ve packed all your belongings and fueled your truck, you’re ready to hit the open road to your new home, right? Not quite.

Move day is anything but tidy. You’ll want to make sure you give your old residence a good scrub down. For renters this is paramount. It can be the difference between additional expenses or a refund of your security deposit. Schedule a few hours of cleanup post move. You’ll be honoring a golden rule: “leave everything better than you found it.”

Hire some help

If the above seems overwhelming or you’re pressed for time, consider hiring movers. Regardless of if your move is across town or across the country, getting some extra help never hurts. No longer will you have to count on friends of questionable commitment or reliability on that crucial day. Moving Help® Providers can take of all the above plus more.

It only takes a few do-it-yourself moves before many will explore hiring a professional moving service. Your next move doesn’t have to be a headache.

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Your Moving Help® service providers are reviewed by people like you. You can book with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect the day of your move. Furthermore, you can modify services as needed to fit your budget and needs. See the infographic below to find out more.

plan your next move with these tips in mind