Turkey Bowl Game Day Essentials

Nov 25, 2019

Football is one of the many traditions in American culture that is associated with Thanksgiving Day. Every level of football, from amateur and high school to college and the NFL plays football on Thanksgiving Day or the immediately following holiday weekend. The Turkey Bowl: a longstanding Thanksgiving tradition, a cross between a formal officiated football game and a free-for-all pickup game. Our Turkey Game Day Essentials will help you have the best game day yet.

Whether you’re competing for bragging rights or just trying to burn some calories from the day off, throwing the old pigskin around on Turkey Day is a fun tradition that all skill levels can enjoy.

Check out our primer for making the most of your Turkey Bowl game day.

Establish Rules

To create a rewarding and memorable Turkey Bowl experience, your bowl commissioner must enforce a set of clearly defined rules and regulations. Otherwise, the game can quickly spiral into pushing, shoving and tension-filled disputes over penalty calls.

There’s no arguing at the Turkey Bowl. Save that for after the family dinner.

Things that all participants should be made aware of are field dimensions, awarding first downs (two completions or crossing midfield) and scoring.

Pack a Game Day Kit

Nothing makes for a more chaotic experience than being unorganized. Packing all the essentials in advances will keep the stress down. A Turkey Bowl kit should include all the essentials for on and off field action. Tape for adhering the flags, white board and markers for keeping score, and a portable heater for keeping warm on the sidelines

Buddy Portable Heater

Stay Cool

Although it is cool out, you can still work up a sweat chasing your friends and family around the field. Keep the rise in body heat under check with a Coldsnap Cooling Towel.  The Coldsnap is a super-absorbent cooling towel, known to relieve heat stress and accelerate the cooling process. As an added bonus, its evaporative material is treated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mildew and odor. Pack a few and you’ll be the MVP of your team.

Have Fun

Getting creative with your Turkey Bowl Game Day will make it an annual event that everyone looks forward to. Using this Turkey Bowl Game Day Essentials as your primer, a little preparation and creativity beforehand will elevate the experience for all involved. As the saying, ‘No gizzards, no glory.’


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