How To Move A Piano

Moving a piano is a daunting task. With a heavy weight, and the need to protect both keys and pedals, proper planning is needed. Learn how to move a piano safely with these helpful tips.

Assemble the tools

Proper supplies will contribute to safely moving your piano. These recommended items be can all be purchased online or in-store at a local U-Haul Center:

how to move a piano

Plan your route

Firstly, measure the piano. Using this measurement will help to determine the space needed to successfully move the piano. To do this, measure the ends and note the size. Next, measure any hallways and doorways to ensure the piano will clear the intended path.

Protecting before loading

Before moving, secure any loose parts or moving items including the keyboard lid. After securing everything, wrap the piano with furniture pads. It is recommended to use multiple pads. Any extra padding ensures the piano is transported to the destination safely and prevents dings due to turning in doorways. Lastly, use tape and/or stretch wrap to secure the pads to the piano.

Moving the piano

To start the moving process, first make sure there are enough people to help carry the large and heavy piano. Ready the transportation vehicle and make sure the tailgate is down. An easy option is using a box truck with the ramp pulled out and secured. To begin, lift the piano onto a furniture dolly and ensure it is in a stable position. Note any areas where the dolly may need to be lifted and moved, such as door entryways and transitions to carpet/tile. When the piano has been loaded, secure it to the rub rails on the side of the moving truck using ratchet tie downs. Grab extra furniture pads to protect the piano from rubbing against the side wall of the truck.

moving help close up

Hire a pro

Finally, if you feel uncomfortable with this moving task, hire someone who can confidently do it. Look online for customer-rated Moving Help providers who have reviews that specifically mention pianos.  Make sure you have rates upfront so you’re not surprised by hidden charges.

Learning how to move a piano successfully boils down to planning and preparation. Taking the necessary steps to prepare your move will save you aggravation and additional expenses.

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