5 Ways to Use Propane This Holiday Season

Nov 23, 2020

Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you need to stop using propane. In fact, that’s probably more of a reason to use propane this holiday season. From tips on keeping warm both inside and outside of your house as well as some meals you can serve at your next Holiday party, here’s how to use propane this holiday season:

1) Holiday Appetizers

Propane During the HolidaysAppetizers set the mood for your holiday party. A seasonal event just isn’t the same for me without conversation, small finger foods and a glass of something festive. This year, dare to be different. Instead of putting out cheese and crackers like everybody else, grill your cheese on a pear and drizzle balsamic over it! Here are a few appetizers you can grill to really get your party started:

  • Wings – These a classic finger food, adored by almost everyone. Grill them or try them in an oil-less fryer.
  • Sliders – Because grilled burgers are great, but everything is more fun in miniature form, right?
  • Kabobs – Mix and match your favorite veggies, meats and even fruits on the grill! Use a kabob grill basket or bamboo skewers to keep your goodies together.
  • Sandwich Slices – Why use a panini press or a toaster to get that perfect grilled ham and cheese? Use an actual grill! Simply slice up your sandwich of choice after grilling and serve.
  • Grilled Fruit and Cheese – This is one of my personal all-time favorite easy but gourmet appetizers. Pick your favorite fruit, cheese, and grill. When completed drizzle with balsamic or sprinkle sea salt on top. You won’t be disappointed.

2) Holiday Sides

Propane During the HolidaysAs you plan out your holiday season dinners, you need to think about all the little things to make next to the main course. At my house, we usually have 3 or more sides ready at a big seasonal get-together. Instead of trying to rotate these dishes through your oven and finishing at different times, make use of your propane-fueled supplies!

  • Vegetable Platter – With a grill pan you can mix can sear up just about any combination of vegetables you can think of. The only thing you need to do is season. You can even roast them in an oil-less fryer!
  • Mac & Cheese – Noodles, cheese, and char? What’s not to love? Your noodles should be prepared beforehand but the grill is a perfect way to melt in the cheese and extra flavors.
  • Squash – Butternut squash is a seasonal favorite. I like to slice mine up and grill it with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar on top.
  • Corn – Sweet, grilled corn, a little bit of butter, sea salt, spices, and cheese is sure to be a guest favorite.

3) Holiday Entrees

Don’t bake the same turkey recipe that everyone else will be serving at their Thanksgiving dinner or the same Christmas roast you made last year. After all, who says that you can’t grill up your favorite holiday recipes?

  • Turkey – It’s hard to say which way is better: grilled or made in an oil-less fryer? I refuse to pick a side on this delicious argument. If I had enough guests, I’d probably make them both!
  • Fish – If red meat isn’t your thing, you can still cook using propane. Pan frying and baking is great and all, but both methods are overrated next to grilling with a fish basket.
  • Ham – Since most holiday hams come pre-cooked the grill is an easy way to heat and flavor your dinner.
  • Steak – When I think of New Year’s dinner, I think of a nice juicy steak. Place your sirloin on the grill and cook it to perfection.
  • Chicken – Not expecting a large crowd this year? Grill or make a chicken in an oil-less fryer for your small party!
  • Roast – Make your roast on the grill or in an oil-less fryer to add some flavor that the oven simply cannot provide.

Propane During the Holidays4) Holiday Desserts

  • Pineapple – Grilled pineapple slices, honey, olive oil, lime, cinnamon — enough said.
  • Apples – Spice your apples up with cinnamon, grill and serve with ice cream. It’s like apple pie but better and grilled.
  • Strawberry Shortcake – Looking to prepare a dessert your guests will love with minimal effort? Buy a shortcake, strawberries, grill and serve with whipped cream.
  • Banana Boat – Try this twist on a classic s’more… but better because it also has banana. Use your banana as a base to add s’mores toppings without the mess and grill.
  • Churros – I love churros but I’m not a fan of deep frying. Once you have your dough and cinnamon sugar mix prepared, cook in the oil-less fryer instead. Serve with melted chocolate.

5) Staying Cozy During the Holiday Season

  • Using Propane During the HolidaysOutdoor Heaters – Don’t let your backyard or patio go by the wayside during the holidays. Set up some propane-fueled heaters so you can still go outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Roasting S’mores – Whether you’re using a built-in propane-fueled fire pit or a portable fire ring, s’more with a little nutmeg on top are a seasonal favorite.
  • Cold Weather Camping – Camping is a fun family activity. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors in the winter, however, you’re going to need to prepare for the cool with the right equipment, including propane-fueled heaters and lanterns.


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