Moving Across The Country With Kids

Jan 8, 2021

My family and I moved across the country and if you’re seeking advice just as I was before embarking on this adventure, I am here to tell you that you can do it! In this blog post, you will find my experience on moving/driving across the country with a child, tips on what I wish I would have done, and tricks I thought of before moving across the country with a child.

Before we dive into this, let me start off by saying that this move was VERY unexpected and last minute. My husband accepted a job offer and the timeline was literally a few weeks away. I had a short 4 weeks to move all of my belongings and my family across the country. YIKES, right? At first, it seemed so. I thought how on earth are we going to do this? I started to get discouraged after looking at many different moving options. The pricing was extremely out of budget, the timing was not ideal for when our household goods would arrive super late and well I would still also have to ship my car which was another thing to add to the list that I didn’t want to do. This is how we knew U-Haul was the best option for us.

Smooth Out the Process

Moving is stressful for anyone, but as a mother, your main concern is how to make this move as smoothly as possible without having your little to have to adjust to a million different things. I was worried about the time zone adjustment, comfortability, and the stress these things would cause my daughter. Having these worries is what made U-Haul the best choice for our big family move.

We wanted to make sure our daughter was comfortable which is why adding a trailer to our SUV was the option we chose. Our entire trip we kept saying I couldn’t imagine doing this trip any other way. Being in your own vehicle allows you to comfortably enjoy your trip in your own space even if it’s your car. Your own music and control of the perks your car has. Our car, for example, has TVs behind the driver and passenger seat! We were able to adjust the back temperature and front because our vehicle has this option! Our daughter loved that she was able to fit some of her toys with her so that she’d have things to play with as well!

Before moving across the country with a child, I made sure to pack my daughter some things for the ride to keep her occupied. Here’s a list of things she enjoyed during the trip.
1) Activity Book

2) Old familiar toys

3) New toys she’s never seen for every stop

4) Favorite snacks

5) Blanket/pillow

6) Movies preloaded from netflix

7) Geo-stix for creative learning while playing

8) Mini dry erase map to color states we drive through

Hitches + Trailers = The Perfect Move

When choosing a hitch from U-Haul, they make this process super easy. They actually make it all easy, but when choosing a hitch they have different packages based off of the type of car you have. You can find out the type of hitch system your vehicle needs HERE. Your next step is getting a trailer!

When towing something you want to be sure to take the proper safety precautions. Loading is the most important! There is a 60/40 rule that you must make sure to follow. 60% of your cargo weight will go in first towards the front of the trailer (closest to your car) and 40% of your cargo weight will go towards the back. This helps distribute the weight properly when you’re driving any distance with a trailer in tow. U-Haul offers a lifetime warranty on their hitch systems and also a free towing inspection. The free towing inspection is a great option that gave me the peace of mind I needed to make sure I felt safe driving such a long distance with my family and a trailer attached! They carry everything from hitches, bike racks, and towing accessories. You are also able to get protection that covers the lessee and passengers. 

I am so happy to say we’ve arrived at our destination. I know that for any move my family may have in the future we trust U-Haul to get us through it! From the safety of my family to the affordable pricing, U-Haul is the way to go! You can visit one of the local locations near you or check online at

Guest Blogger: Stephanie B. @themomfluence


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