Small Moving Solution: Easy Pak Box Kit

Mar 23, 2021

Save time, effort, and gas money by gathering all your packing supplies in one trip. It’s as easy as getting an all-in-one packing kit designed specifically with small moves in mind and a perfect starting point for larger moves. Oftentimes, moving can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to figure out a starting point and even harder to understand every packing need for a household. That’s why our moving experts assembled this kit with the essentials for movers to properly pack and protect the belongings of a studio or one-bedroom apartment. 

What is included in the Easy Pak Box Kit?

Proper packing requires more than just having the right size and number of boxes. Take into consideration the items you own that are more fragile such as glassware, pottery, and audio equipment. These items will need extra protection. That’s why we include all the tools you need to pack, protect, and secure your belongings. As a bonus, we’re throwing in a free packing planner checklist that you can use to better understand and document your needs while packing. Pick up your kit with a checklist at a center near you.

Easy Pak Box Benefits 

Moving on a budget is attainable when you purchase the Easy Pak Box kit. This is because the supplies are being sold at a bulk price, rather than individually. Another bonus of this packing kit is how easy it is to get it home. No big car or trucks required! Everything is neatly packaged in one container. Your moving kit is designed to be used multiple times with specially designed, durable boxes and reusable and recyclable supplies including: 

  • 10 Small Boxes 
  • 10 Medium Boxes 
  • 40 Sheets of Cushion Foam 
  • 15 Sheets of Enviro-Bubble ® 
easy pak box kit
Get everything you need to pack for your small move with the Easy Pak Box Kit.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the tools. Your Easy Pak Box will also contain: 

  • Tape Dispenser 
  • 2 Rolls of Tape 
  • 2 Markers 
  • Box Knife 

Why people love Moving with the Easy Pak Box Kit! 

Whether you’re moving to a studio apartment or a 5-bedroom house moving day is busy, long, and sometimes stressful. Ease moving day worries by having everything packed and secure using the supplies from the Easy Pak Box Kit. No matter the size of your move, the Easy Pak Box Kit can help get you started.  Here’s what others had to say after putting the packing kit to the test. 

easy pak box kit reviews

Where You Need It – When You Need It 

We get it, not all moves are planned, and Moving Day usually comes faster than we think. Underestimating your move and lack of preparation can lead to last-minute packing. That’s why it’s important you have access to supplies right when you need them. We’ve got you covered with multiple options for your upcoming move. 

  • Pick Up In-Store – Suitable for those looking to pack 2-4 days before moving. 
  • Ship to Home – Great if your move is a week out or further. Remember to account for the 4 days of standard shipping or choose express. 
  • Same-Day Delivery – Why wait when we can drop it off the same day at no extra charge? Check availability in your area. 

Save the guesswork of going a la carte with your moving supplies. Pick up an Easy Pak Box Kit today. Once you’re packed and ready to transport – choose a pickup truck or cargo van – or go larger with a moving truck

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