Your Guide to Moving with Limitations

Everybody moves but not all moves are the same! Senior citizens, those with disabilities, single parents, and others may experience moving limitations. Follow our guide to make your move easier.

Moving Senior Citizens

As we age, you’ll notice it’s harder to do the things we use to do, like moving. It can be strenuous and require a lot of strength and mobility. Do not attempt to lift the heavier things; instead, get some help. Moving Help Service Providers are available by the hour, starting at 2 hours. They can pack up your home, load it up on a moving truck, unload it at your new home, and clean up your former space. As we grow older, another obstacle arises: transportation. Aging can affect our senses and without sharp senses, it can become dangerous to navigate a vehicle on the road, especially as large as a moving truck. Instead, opt to pack your things in U-Box containers that can then be transported and delivered directly to your new home.

Whether you’re downsizing due to your empty nest or wanting a change of scenery, remember to do it safely. Diligently planning out these little details will make it an easier and smoother transition.

Moving with Disabilities

Moving is not easy for anybody between the packing, transporting it all, and unpacking it; the process can be a challenge! But when you have a disability, the challenge only becomes greater. The best way to approach it is to start as early as possible and create a checklist to keep you organized. Look into your local disability benefits and services and see if they may help you move financially and provide assistance through other resources. In addition, addressing your personal accessibility needs is a must and is crucial when considering a move.

Looking for a way to make it all easier? That’s where Moving Help comes in! They can pack all of your belongings up and load it onto your moving truck or U-Box containers without you lifting a single finger.

Moving Single Parents

Your kids may be young and rambunctious, but they are smart enough to know what’s happening. Be sure to have a talk with your kids to help them understand and process your move. In fact, getting them more involved will not only be better for you, but also them! Start by picking up some moving supplies like boxes and tape and make a game out of packing process. Same thing goes for all you pet parents! Teach them new tricks like putting their toys in a box to pack away.

Your full attention is required on moving day, so keep your children preoccupied with:

  • Mess-free toys
  • Snacks
  • Coloring Books
  • iPad to watch shows
  • Hire a sitter

Moving All By Yourself

Moving is a big process but doing it all by yourself is possible! First things first, make a plan by packing up one room at a time or packing the things you won’t use on a daily basis. Look and see if anything will be too heavy to carry alone and consider a friend or Moving Help Service Providers to do the lifting for you. Consider the best mode of transportation that makes you feel safe on the road and gentle for your belongings. Learn more about moving alone and overcoming moving limitations.

Other Moving Limitations

Limitations may not necessarily exist within us, but perhaps with time. If you find yourself with short-notice, don’t panic. First make a plan using the questions below as a starting place:

  1. Where will you go now, even if it’s not permanent?
  2. Will your next place fit all of your items you own?
  3. Do you need packing supplies? How much?
  4. Can you physically move everything you own?
  5. Do you have friends or family that you can rely on to help you move?
  6. Will your vehicle fit everything you need to move in one trip?
  7. Do you need to coordinate utility transfers/shut offs?

Your answers should prompt you to decide if you need to lighten your load, if you’re going to need storage, what transportation will work best, and more. When in doubt, U-Box containers can be used to store your belongings until you’re ready to move into your forever home.

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