Top Money Saving Tips For Your Next Move

Jul 26, 2022

Inflation has everybody looking for ways to keep more money in their pockets; however, some purchases are simply unavoidable. Moving is one of those things that you have to do sometimes. Moving companies can quote you thousands, but the professionals at U-Haul have curated a list of their top money-saving tips to help you on your next move.

Plan In Advance

Planning ahead of moving day will be your opportunity to save the most money. For instance, moving supplies can drain the budget quickly, so plan ahead and hunt for free boxes. U-Haul centers have a Take a Box, Leave a Box program for anyone to take advantage of lightly used, free boxes. Boxes and other moving supplies can also be obtained from the box exchange.

Be careful getting boxes from liquor and grocery stores. Non-moving boxes are sized specifically for the items they are carrying and can leave gaps when cubing out a moving structure. These “gaps” will lead to load shifts during transit, and ultimately costly damage to customer’s goods. In addition, many report that used boxes procured from from grocery and liquor store have bugs hiding/living in the fluting that can infest household goods. Because of this, you may be better off getting a discounted bundle of boxes at your local U-Haul center, along with other needed packing supplies that you know are the highest quality on the market, for the lowest cost.

Once the boxes are secured, packing starts now! The earlier you start, the easier it’s going to feel and you won’t have to hire last minute help to pack. See more helpful planning tips below:

  • Reserve your equipment in advance for best rates.
  • Avoid moving during the weekend, during the summer, and end of month to ensure equipment availability.
  • Reach out to friends and see if they can commit to helping you load your moving truck on moving day.
  • Minimize the amount of things you’re moving to get a smaller, cheaper truck and to buy less boxes.
    • Sell items you no longer need in a garage sale to help pay for your move.
    • Donate the items you no longer need and save the receipt to right it off your taxes.

Creative Money Saving Tips

That old, stained towel you use for projects has potential to help you during your move. Use it and other rags, sheets, and blankets to add padding when packing fragile items. This will help avoid shifting and breaking. Another money-saving tip is packing strategically including packing your items like a russian doll: take a small item and put it inside another slightly larger item, and keep stacking until it’s big enough to go in a durable box or suitcase. Grocery bags, totes, and other bags can be utilized to save money on boxes.

More Money Saving Tips

  • Avoid gas and lodging expenses by getting a U-Box container.
  • Hire labor only MovingHelp.
    • Have them move only the heavy items, while you load the lighter items to optimize their paid time.
  • Save your TV’s original box it came in to keep it protected. Tossed it? U-Haul has you covered.
  • Sell everything, buy lightly used furniture in your new city through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Offerup, and other apps.
  • Any friends or family on the way to your new home? Stay the night and avoid paying for a hotel room. Sometimes, Airbnbs are the cheapest route.

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