Vanlife: Nomad Brad’s U-Haul Box Truck Conversion

Aug 1, 2023

Nomad Brad

You might be asking yourself, “What is Vanlife?” According to Project Van Life, “To put it simply, Vanlife is an alternative lifestyle adopted by many nomads looking to live a basic lifestyle while being able to travel the world with freedom and ease.” Its popularity is steadily increasing as people find ways of alternate living. But when it comes to converting used U-Haul trucks into tiny homes, it is not the norm. However, for Brad Thomas, better known as Nomad Brad, these trucks are his choice for Vanlife. Let’s explore the remarkable journey of Nomad Brad and how he repurposed a 14′ truck into a cozy and customizable space!

See his journey to creating a tiny home on wheels below.

Designing His Tiny Home: Abundant

When designing his dream tiny home, Abundant, Nomad Brad said, “I love designing my builds to be light and bright with a modern feeling. This one is no exception. I decided to lean into my minimalist Vanlife lifestyle by leaving a lot of open space on the walls and ceiling. The result is a space that feels larger than life. The floor of my box truck is only 12′ long, but I have had six friends hanging out inside at the same time, and we never felt crowded.” While those who pass by his truck get it confused with a business, Brad embraces their confusion because a tiny home isn’t what one would expect it to be.

Converted U-Haul Truck

Embracing the Mobile Lifestyle

Embracing the mobile lifestyle may not be for everyone. Resources are limited regarding things you can do in a regular-style home. As an individual who wanted to reduce his possessions and find more freedom, Brad fully embraced the Vanlife with his wife during the peak of COVID. They wanted a place to travel and see people in their own way. This was their way of getting lost in nature and experiencing what it had to offer.

The Versatility of Used U-Haul Trucks

Nomad Brad U-Haul Truck Conversion

People typically use our used trucks for extra storage, deliveries, moving companies, realtors, etc. However, with a 15′ truck, Brad unveiled the surprising potential of used U-Haul trucks as a foundation of alternative living. Exploring their sturdy construction, ample interior space, and ease of customization, makes them an ideal starting point for creating a unique living space. Let your imagination run wild and discover all the different ways to make your used truck unique.

The Appeal of Tiny Living

Nomad Brad U-Haul Truck Conversion

The idea of downsizing and embracing a minimalist lifestyle seems like a dream. A tiny home can offer unique living benefits, including reduced costs, environmental sustainability, and the freedom to travel and live on your terms. That’s what Nomad Brad has discovered throughout his journey with tiny living. Finding a cost-effective alternative housing option showcases how it can be an affordable and sustainable way to achieve homeownership.

Used Truck Parts for Your Vanlife

If you’re wanting to or are converting a box truck, you might need parts. U-Haul Truck Parts should be your go-to source for various parts and reference materials for used U-Haul box truckscargo vanspickups, and more. You can easily navigate through our huge inventory of used parts with the assistance of our interactive parts catalog. Then follow the simple checkout procedure, and we will ship your parts to your doorstep.

Vanlife has become a popular alternative lifestyle for those seeking freedom and the ability to travel while living a simple and minimalistic life. Individuals like Nomad Brad have embraced converting used U-Haul trucks into tiny homes, even though it may not be the norm. His journey of converting a 14′ truck into a cozy and customizable space showcases the potential of our trucks for Vanlife. The appeal of tiny living lies in its reduced costs, environmental sustainability, and the opportunity for homeownership. So, start your journey towards a unique and adventurous lifestyle today with a U-Haul truck conversion!

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