Storage Affiliate Advertising Van 101

Aug 23, 2023

U-Haul moving van in front of a storage unit parked highlighting the space for a Storage Affiliate to advertise.

The storage industry is a very competitive business, and most types of advertising can be expensive but with the help of the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van program (also known as SAAV), you can take your business to the next level. Continue reading to learn how you can save money and boost your business with a Storage Affiliate Advertising Van. 

What is the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van Program?

Storage Affiliate Advertising Van Program, also known as SAAV is an Affordable Mobile Van Advertising and Lead Generator for the Self-Storage Owner.

How do I get a Storage Affiliate Advertising Van?

To enroll in the Storage Affiliate Advertising Van Program, you must be an active U-Haul Dealer Affiliate. Below are the five requirements to be approved for the program:

  1. Be an active U-Haul Dealer Affiliate using our business platform, participate fully in our payment processing program and accept storage reservations from U-Haul.
  2. Do Not offer tenant insurance other than Safestor to your storage customer.
  3. Do Not offer a competitor’s moving supplies.
  4. Use our WebSelfStorage Reservation process on your website.
  5. Be 100% compliant with the Level 1 Truck Inspection Program.

Benefits of the SAAV Program

  • Leverage your brand and increase foot traffic.
  • Customize graphics and rentals to increase your visibility everywhere.
  • Make more, pay less!
  • Advertise your brand while earning a rental commission.
  • A brand-new Ford Transit every year to be used for van advertising and rentals.

To compare costs to other advertising routes, read here:

With the help of the SAAV Program, you make all the decisions on where you advertise your business and save money. To apply to the program today click here. And for more information on all things SAAV follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter X and Instagram.


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