What Should Be Done if the Trailer Sways?

What should be done if the trailer starts swaying? -Garrett R. from Park City, UT If a trailer sways is not normal and can also be scary if you are the driver. Corrective action needs to be taken if the trailer sways because the swaying will progress to dangerous whipping with an increase in speed, or […]

How do I Know my Trailer Hitch Rating?

How do I know what my trailer hitch system is rated? – Erica H. from Phoenix, AZ To determine your trailer hitch system‘s weight rating, you must understand that your hitch system is comprised of three components; the trailer hitch is attached to the frame of your car the ball mount, and the hitch ball Each […]

Does it Matter How I Load the Trailer?

Does it matter how the trailer is loaded? – Delia J. from St. Louis, MO Yes, loading your trailer properly is one of the most fundamental steps to safe towing. Failure to load the trailer properly can result in dangerous whipping. When it comes to leading, remember the mantra: Always load heavier in front. The front of […]

Is Driving With a Trailer the Same as Driving Without?

Is driving my vehicle with a trailer the same as driving it by itself? – Chris S. from Indianola, IA Your towing combination is quite different than a car by itself. It is a lot longer and heavier and requires special considerations while driving and parking. Follow these basic guidelines to compensate for the tow […]

How Much Trailer Weight is Allowed?

How do you know how much weight is allowed in your rental trailer? – Geoff H. from Lansing, MI This is a great question, Geoff, and one that everyone needs to know the answer to before attempting to tow a trailer. On each trailer, you will find decals that indicate the its capacity, but the […]

What do I Need to Know About Trailer Hookup?

What do I need to know about trailer hookup? – Laura W. from Phoenix, AZ Watching and assisting in the trailer hookup at the center or dealer is the best way to learn what you need to know. You should be knowledgeable enough to inspect the connections while traveling, and able to disconnect and reconnect […]

Is Backing up a Trailer Difficult?

Is backing up a trailer difficult? -Michelle S. from Tempe, AZ Great question, and certainly one we receive often. Towing a rental trailer can be different, and backing up with one is no exception. When backing up with a trailer, it is always better to park in pull-through into a parking spot, but sometimes it […]