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One of the fastest growing cities in California, people are coming in droves to this valley location. Situated in the San Joaquin Valley, Bakersfield was originally founded in 1776 by the Yokuts people but was washed away by floods in 1862. The Gold Rush brought thousands of people to California; among them was Thomas Baker, who settled on the banks of the Kern River in 1863. Baker’s settlement soon became a stopover point for travelers, and today the city is known as Bakersfield. Now more than 350,000 residents call Bakersfield their home, a great southern California city booming in today’s economy.

Helpful Information for Moving to and Living in Bakersfield, California

We have 13 moving truck rental locations in Bakersfield alone, and we are here to help you make a successful move. Here are some useful tips for moving to and living in Bakersfield.

  • Cost of Living – California is known to be on the expensive side when compared to the rest of the United States. However, Bakersfield carries a relatively low cost of living in relation to the bigger California cities.
  • Events and Festivals – It seems like there is an annual festival or event every month. Some of these events include the California Scottish Games, the annual Greek Festival, the Lowrider National, Kern County Basque, monthly horse shows, native gatherings, drag racing, and the county fair in September.  Bakersfield has it all, so be on the lookout for upcoming events!
  • Climate and Weather – Often accompanying the mild winter temperatures, Tule Fog has been known to cause traffic congestion on the roads and interstates. The fog gets so thick that it also causes school delays that have lasted hours at a time. If you happen to get caught in this dense fog, slow down, turn your low-beam headlights on and be careful.

Did you know?

  • Kern County is among the top five most productive agricultural counties in the United States. Some of the more notable crops include: grapes, citrus, carrots, almonds, cotton and roses. Kern County is also a hub of multiple power sources including natural gas, wind turbine and geothermal power. The county also accounts for 1/10th of the United States overall oil production.


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