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It’s Time to Move. Reserve a One-Way Truck Rental to San Francisco

Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is a very popular U.S. vacation city and is also home to more than 825,000 residents. Solidifying the city's popularity, we have ranked San Francisco the #24 Top Destination City on our 2013 annual migration trends report. San Fran is commonly recognized by the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars running on the hilly streets, the Chinatown district and the infamous former prison on Alcatraz Island. Experiencing a Mediterranean climate, summers bring cool temperatures with a light breeze while winters are generally moist rarely reaching freezing temperatures. No matter the time of year, San Fran is a fun city with endless things to do. We welcome you and your family as a new resident of this breathtaking city.

Worthwhile Tips to Consider When Moving to San Francisco, California

We want to help your move go as seamlessly as possible. We have 10 truck rental locations in San Francisco alone, perfect for a quick drop off once you get to the city. That being said, here are some tips that may help when moving into and living in San Francisco.

  • Shift quickly – If you drive a manual transmission car, practice your quick clutch release and parallel parking to prepare yourself for driving and parking on steep hills. When parked on a steep hill, it would be a good idea to set the parking brake on as well. Keep in mind that street cleaners run on a schedule that occurs weekly, different days for different streets. Be aware of this or you may find yourself with a fine.
  • Transportation options – Roads and traffic can get extremely congested, very quickly. If applicable, walking or riding a bike is a widely accepted way to get around within the city limits. Public transportation is another preferred method of transit in San Francisco. Both the Muni bus system and BART subway system allow residents to reach almost every area of San Francisco.
  • Recycle – San Francisco waste management system is paramount to most other cities in the United States, their goal is to have zero waste by 2020. High five San Francisco!
  • Shop farmers markets for deals – There are at least 10 farmers markets in the bay area where you can purchase goods instead of fighting traffic and waiting in grocery store lines. Check these out or you’ll walk for blocks with arms full of grocery bags.

Did you know:

  • San Francisco has implemented a ‘Checkout Bag Ordinance’ for all food based establishments which took effect on 10/1/2013; bring your own bag or pay a 10 cent fee on non-compliant checkout bags.

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