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1310 Nicolaus Dr   Wilton, IA 52778
(Right Off Highway 38 on South Side of Wilton IA by Gerdau Steel)

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1310 Nicolaus Dr
Wilton, IA 52778
(Right Off Highway 38 on South Side of Wilton IA by Gerdau Steel)

Services at this Location:

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This is a non attended location so had to use app. Ok, app said truck was on East side of building, but we couldn't get that truck to start with the key from the lockbox. Finally walked to West side of the building and a truck was there, that was the one that the key worked for. Truck was clean and worked well for what it was intended. Then for drop off it was a horrid experience. I could not get the app to return the rental. It kept going back to the part where you upload a photo of the odometer and fuel gauges. Pic was clear but it would not upload. Went in and out of there several times. Called 800# and lady said couldn't help me but to call another 800# - that was after a 15 min wait for her, then called the other and that was a 60 min wait. So while listening the the elevator music, prompted to try the Uhaul chat for immediate response. So, while listening I went to chat for IMMEDIATE response as the recording said....after waiting finally got a reply from that saying it would be 14 min wait for someone to get there. Hung up everything, tried one more time through app and still no go. Called original 800# again and after another 15ish min wait I got another lady and she said she could return the truck for me. We went over all the information and she noted that it was returned on time even though now it was well over an hour later. Then checked online reservation the next day and still showed truck as needed returned. I again utilized the online chat, which took a while, but they said the district mgr would call me. Heard nothing. Next day (now Tues) I check again, still shows open and no phone call. I then sent an email to Cust Service as the phone wait was too long as I was working. Still heard nothing until about 6:45 last night. He was nice, explained that location was having issues with the internet there and I was not charged anything extra and a receipt was emailed to me. This location needs to get that fixed quickly. This was a very stressful situation returning this vehicle.

Denise N. 
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