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1400 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622

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Location Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 9 am - 5 pm
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I requested a furniture dolly for the truck and it was not present.

Yasmine P. 

We arrived 20 min before the rental started to make sure we could be on time for our moving. However we did not receive the code to open the locker. It took us 45 min to get the manager on the phone, for him to come and open up the locker for us. It would be great to have directly his number in case of emergency. The good thing is that he came right away to help us.

Sophie H. 

Extremely disappointed with UHaul and particularly their App. I had made my reservation weeks in advance to pickup my vehicle at All Day Tire Shop, a location one block from the apartment my son was moving from, only to get a call that the truck was rented earlier that day. I was sent to another location nearby and was told by the gas station attendant that I couldn't park my car in the spot where the truck was so I had to find street parking in a section of town where most streets require a local resident permit 24/7. When I was on the phone with the agent who changed my pickup location, she confirmed my driving license was on file as I had rented a truck only weeks earlier and had put all the info in the app. I went back on the app to put my payment information so I'd be able to get in the truck and just drive off. However, when I arrived at the location, I had to resubmit my credit card info, take a selfie, and take photos of my driving license again. The UHaul app is appalling. I returned the truck and took a photo of the dashboard indicating the mileage and input that number as well only to be denied the opportunity to "continue" as I supposedly had started the journey with more miles. So I added 10 miles so I could check out. At the end, when I was reading instructions on what to do with the key, a pop up window appeared asking how I liked the app and, when I cancelled it, it cancelled the screen with key deposit details as well. I dropped the keys in the drop box instead of putting them back in the lock box because I wasn't sure which was appropriate and calling the number of the person who changed my reservation location simply ended up with me leaving a voicemail. You need to have your app updated and have the developer try to actually rent a truck using the device afterwards to see if it's worthy of bearing the name UHaul. Terribly disappointed.

William R. 
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