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George G.

Excellent service.

LonnieR S.

this location was helpful in directions and securing the trailer upon drop off.

Freddy O.

Customer did not leave a comment.


Check vehicles and 🐜 bugs free clean,poor vehicle broke down on the road twice,ensure other customers don't have same problems! Should have been given all money back and sure you're able to get rather listen to and recording! Poorly poor customer service!!!

Mike B.

I rented for 7 days, you have charged me for 8..// I took a picture of the return and my watch in anticipation of this

Lona M.

The man running it kept telling my grandson that he did not need to wear the blue ring he had on due to the fact it was police colors. Followed us out to the car telling him that, after already saying it once. Forgot to give us the 12 furniture covers we paid $10 for so therefore I had to go back for them. He was not the least bit professional. The building I had to go into In Order to complete paperwork was filthy! Discarded pizza boxes, a cot was In there, the floor was horrible! It was just a bad experience all the way around.


I was lied to about fees, discounts and everuthing

charles M.

Had no money in draw to give me my change after paying for the rent of the truck.

Adam T.

The place was close but the owner still came out and helped me return the U-Haul trailer without and problems.


Put gravel on the driveway.

Douglas G.

No one was there. Had to call a number and get directions on where to leave the vehicle and paperwork

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