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Martin S.

Do not expect any help from the staff in the store. They have received no training and will decline to offer assistance. Do not expect a response if you email the address listed in your confirmation email. You will not get one. Do not expect UHaul Support to pick up the phone. I got disconnected at least 4x, one time after waiting 25min for somebody to pick up. This was a horrible experience. Recommend instead you go to the Ancaster Mini Storage in the industrial park. Never had a problem with them.

Ramona D.

The staff here could care less. Said they don't deal with U-Haul customers. Would not help me with pick up, could not explain why furniture pads not in truck, had no furniture pads in store to provide or any other items for that matter. They get U-Haul rentals from your company but provide no service at all. Would never go back.

Ryan D.

Absolutely ABSURD. They charged an astronomical amount to my credit card after I had already previously paid for my u-haul rental. The online check in took me over 40 minutes and our U-Haul was not properly cleaned. Ridiculous. Currently filing a complaint with the company.

Paul D.

Customer does all the work with mobile check in and your still charging out the ass for a rental. You should be paying me. Never using uhaul again.

Joanne B.

The location was not equipped to accept cash/ debit and the staff were less than helpful. The self check in was extremely time consuming. A notice on the U Haul site saying this location was self check in and credit card only would have been helpful. I much prefer dealing with actual Uhaul reps in person.

khon T.

The truck was booked through the online app. Upon arrival, I was required to use the app for pick up. I did as instructed and was waiting for an agent approval to retrieve my key code. I waited 30 min with no reply and decided to call. Only then I was able to have human interaction through the app. After completion, I still did not get a key code. This process was painful.

Benjamin B.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Michele V.

Very friendly staff and helpful

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