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17 Huckins Rd   Epsom, NH 03234

(603) 736-7008

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  • Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5:30 pm
  • Sat-Sun: Closed

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(603) 736-7008

17 Huckins Rd
Epsom, NH 03234

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5:30 pm
  • Sat-Sun: Closed
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Testimonials From Recent Customers

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This location is a dead zone for cellular service. Read that again: NO CELL SERVICE AT THIS LOCATION. The owner admitted that unless you have US Cellular, you will be disconnected. While I was on the phone with UHaul, on location and attempting to pick up the van with a UHaul agent, I was disconnected! Location owner could not load my driver's license due to connectivity! I spent ONE ENTIRE HOUR ATTEMPTING TO PICK UP A TRUCK AND STILL COULD NOT DO THIS WITH THE OWNER. Only after I asked the location owner for his WIFI connection and password could I send my license to the UHaul agent through my phone and only because I was directly in front of the door of the service station. I could NOT UPLOAD EVER! Frustrating, inconvenient, and completely inefficient and unproductive! I WILL NEVER RENT FROM THIS LOCATION AGAIN AND I CONVENIENTLY LIVE 2 MILES AWAY!!!!!!!!!! NOW I GET TO PAY MORE TO DRIVE FROM ANOTHER UHAUL LOCATION BECAUSE UHAUL CONTINUES TO ALLOW LOCATION AS A UHAUL SERVICE WHEN YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD OR UPLOAD ANYTHING IN ORDER TO DO A PICK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over a two week period, I had to cancel my reservations with UHaul over FIVE (5) TIMES because I COULD NOT USE THE MOBIL APP TO PICK UP THE TRUCK!!!!! No amount of credit can compensate for the time, energy, inconvenience and anguish caused by this inadequate pickup center. I will continue to tell ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS NOT TO USE THIS LOCATION. FURTHERMORE, I WILL PURSUE FURTHER ACTION WITH UHAUL UNTIL THIS LOCATION IS REMOVED FROM AN ACTIVE LOCATION OR ANOTHER MEANS FOR PICK UP IS OFFERED! WAITING MORE THAN 15 - 20 MINUTES TO RENT A BLOODY UHAUL TRUCK IS UNACCEPTIBLE AND YOU ALL SHOULD BE PAYING ME FOR WASTING MY TIME. Remove this location. It SUCKS! Pleasant owner and sorry to give such a scathing review but OH WELL! FIX THE PROBLEM OR DON'T OFFER THE SERVICE BECAUSE YOU AREN'T SERVING ANYONE YALL ARE JUST MAKING A CHALLENGING EVENT UNBEARABLE!

Cashlyn P. 


Steven T. 
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