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Joshua M. on


When I arrived at 8 am to pickup the rental (10’ truck) the store clerk did not know what to do, and proceeded to call the manager. I waited for 10 minutes while the clerk talked with the manager, only to be then handed a cell phone and directed by the clerk to talk to the manager. The manager began asking me about the rental, if I wanted insurance, etc. I asked him when he was going to be at the store and where is the contract for the rental - to which the manager responded that he was an hour away and that he would email me the contract. I asked how I was supposed to proceed with the rental if he wasn’t here, to which he indicated he needed my credit card number. I objected saying that I wasn’t comfortable giving my credit card number to someone I don’t know on the phone and asked why he wasn’t at the store - to which he responded “if you don’t want the truck, don’t take it”. Now, I had my pregnant wife and family waiting that morning to help us move, so I wasn’t in a position to leave without the truck, and I said I would be willing to put some money down as a deposit on my debit card in his store. The manager agreed and I put some money down as a deposit. The process took over half an hour, the truck was dirty inside, and very sketchy as the person who was supposed to be there acting on behalf of U-Haul was not available and asking for my credit card over the phone. Very unprofessional.

jeremiah B. on


Remove your uhaul to that location! Its ruining your compan9 name

jeff H. on


Very slow. Did not give information. Was unable to print paperwork

Karen S. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

rajesh K. on


When I move in they said they gonna charge for the days but now they charge for whole month but their was two days over now they don’t wanna refund .we rent a truck from there for move out and they said they don’t know we move out

Cayla P. on


The person working at the store didn't know how to rent the uhaul truck so we had to wait for someone else to come and help us.

Troy M. on


Please refer to my last review attached. Same location and same problems. Ruined my want to ever utilize a uhaul service

TROY M. on


Currently have a dispute open and will be contacting head office about matter once I have all the phone traanscrips collected. This drop off has forever tarnished my want or need to utilize any Uhaul product in the future, and I plan on sharing this whole scenario o Uhaul social media once I have it organized

Hein P. on


This was not location I booked to pick up Took an hour to get the vehicle as they could not navigate the UHaul website - this was after UHaul pushed my pick up date back 2 hours Eventually got vehicle 3 hours later than booked and they did not have the appliance dolly that was booked. Exceptional poor service !

Edward G. on


The owner told me that he can't rent me the truck unless i get an insurance ($95). He said the system won't allow him to rent it out to me if i don't get it. I didn't see that in the website when i checked out. I still bought the insurance as i need the van ASAP. There should be a note in the website saying that.