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Camilo U.

Worst uhaul in town!!! never again from this location bad experience bad customer service

Jose P.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Jason K.

In and out


Shut that shit down

Cheryl C.

They were friendly and courteous, it was a pleasant experience.

Morgan R.

I was charged for an additional day which I returned vehicle same day

Marc W.

Dangerous neighborhood! Suspicious people all around approaching and hitting us up for money. Others watching us. Felt so unsafe I did not even dare to leave my wife alone in our car to walk up to the drop box to deposit the key! The drop box was at the outside counter of a store with outside service only with bullet proof glass. Half a dozen young people were hanging around the counter in line with no shirts on. I sent the key back in the mail when I got home! It is unbelievable that you would allow a U-haul dealer to be located in such an obviously dangerous neighborhood!!! To make it worse, this was the third place I went to drop off the truck that day! The first two didn't exist anymore and were also in the ghetto. Had to call u haul to reroute the drop of to a place that existed. U-Haul obviously has some problems to fix!

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