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Sean R. on


The app would not let me take pictures at times. The take picture button would merge with the comment field.

Jordan R. on


This is U-Hauls complaint NOT the local branch. They are just following what is setup by the larger corporation. This was REALLY difficult to accomplish the rental. I made the online order, then had to go back to my house to reorder and cancel an order because it was self serve, two trips to u-haul because it let me book online as a normal rental (which is what we wanted to begin with not this self serve). We had to take all the photos etc in the cold wet weather, all this for a few hour rental, leaving us in a not so safe location with junkies, walking by in the dark for 20+min while we filled out your "check in" for the rental return. I would have been happy to return it to the man inside, but clearly he isn't able to help(not his fault he was pleasant and helpful), as it's all online. When you check in it uses your location where you get a REALLY bad connection so also hard to check it in and takes far longer than it ought to. If my husband hadn't been there with me, I would have been nervous being alone in this location, I have been robbed in my past and this is a GREAT setting to encourage that again. (Please note: this complaint isn't the the store they were fine and the man inside was helpful, the truck was clean and sufficient for what we needed, a little small but it worked.The complaint is about website/functionality/safety of this service.)