Customer Reviews for West Forsyth Storage

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Testimonials from recent customers of West Forsyth Storage

Overall rating:

Seth F. on


Place isn't even built yet...moved from up North and when I arrived it wasn't even built. I had to scramble to find another place so I could return moving truck. When I called uhaul they didn't care

Regina H. on


Staff was were hard to get ahold of. There was never anyone at the office.

Timothy C. on


No one at the location and had to call to drop.

larry M. on


This was not the facility where I made my reservation, I did not get the truck I had reserved, and when I arrived at the pickup location the place was closed. I had to Mack calls to U-Haul to eventually get a truck. I desperately needed a 15 ft. truck, that is the one I reserved. The location we were moving to has a very narrow driveway with two turns. The 24 ft. truck that I eventually received was so big that it caused damage to my yard because it was too long to navigate the 2 turns. I would be very cautious about using U-Haul in the future. I am very disappointed with my experience.



The vehicle was checked in 1 day after it was dropped off!!! Resulting in an extra days charge to me. Uhaul corporate called me on several occasions looking for the vehicle and neither could they reach anyone at the drop off location. Would not recommend this location



No one was here to check in the truck. I dropped off the keys and contract in the box provided as per the instructions. A week later I received a call from U-Haul wondering where I dropped off the truck. I told them where to find it. This was after telling U-Haul via phone call before about the drop off location. U-Haul said they would look into it. By the way, I picked up the truck around 11:30 am and dropped it off at 3:20 pm the same day. It's hard to find anyone at this drop off location.

Tony M. on


Website times of operation not correct. Took truck and business gates were locked. Called next morning to confirm time of operation. Took truck when told but no one was there. Called back and was told to leave key in drop Box. Called back that afternoon to confirm truck was received. I was told all was well. Then received a call from corporate the following week stating the truck was eight days past due and had never been checked back in! Very unprofessional for a company this large.

Stephen C. on


The West Forsyth Storage location is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. I went to this location to pick up the rental truck and no one was there. I waited around an hour for some one but no one showed up. I called to find a different truck at a different location which was a hassle and was informed to take the already reserved truck from that location even though no one was there. Upon returning the truck to that same location at West Forsyth Storage there was no one there to check the truck back in. The gates to the place was open and the office was open but with no one on the property. I was threatened with late fees because whoever runs the Uhaul operation at West Forsyth Storage was not present and didn't check-in the truck I had rented. This was a terrible and inconvenient experience. I will never use the West Forsyth Storage location again and it's quite possible I will never use Uhaul again.

Edward B. on


Make sure there is someone there to accept the truck, or make the box more noticeable where we're supposed to drop the keys.