Adaptive Reuse in Flushing, NY at U-Haul Moving & Storage of Flushing

Building History

This building was built somewhere between 1925 and 1928 originally for The Company of Master Craftsmen, a subsidiary of W. & J. Sloane. The Company of Master Craftsmen primarily built fine furniture reproductions. In 1942 the company vacated the building, at which time it was then purchased by Serval Slide Fasteners, Inc. There is very little information available on Serval except it's notoriety to Mets fans as a large SERVAL neon sign used to be on the clock tower and seen from Shea Stadium. Serval sold the building to U-Haul in October 1979. The tower clock is a 1925 Seth Thomas #7 Tower Clock which was delivered to the building on August 1st, 1925. The original clock had a gravity escapement and 1-1/4 second beat compensated pendulum with an automatic winding device. Somewhere along the way, the original gravity escapement was removed and converted to a motorized action. Almost all of the other original parts are still intact. Sometime more recently, the south and possibly north motion works seized causing damage to some of the original bronze gears. The north motion works was removed completely at some point, and until recently, the south clock hands were caught on an errant cable coming from the top of the cupola. We are working with volunteer clock experts and enthusiasts to restore the clock for the community. Our plan is to restore nearly all the original parts since the conversion and have the clock running as soon as possible!

Environmental Impact

Serving U-Haul customers since 1979, this facility was built through adaptive reuse of an abandoned building. Adaptive reuse promotes infill development in an effort to strengthen communities, with the following benefits achieved at this site:

  • 373 tons of metal manufacturing & transportation prevented
  • 12,439 tons of new concrete pours avoided
  • 12,812 tons of construction and demolition debris prevented

Energy-efficiency and waste-reduction programs at this facility provide the following estimated benefits each year for the Flushing community:

  • 78,448 kWh annual energy savings
  • 6,565,080 lbs greenhouse gas emissions prevented
  • Steel Use

    Steel Production 373 tons (338 tonnes) of steel manufacturing and delivery saved to date

  • Energy Use

    Energy 78,448 kWh annual energy savings

  • Concrete Use

    Concrete 12,439 tons (11,288 tonnes) of new concrete pours avoided to date

  • CO2 Emissions

    Emissions 6,565,080 lbs (2,977,901 kgs) of greenhouse gas emissions prevented

  • Landfill Debris

    Landfill Debris 12,812 lbs (11,626 kgs) of construction debris prevented

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