Moving to Asheville, the hippest city of the South

Asheville is a thriving city and recipient of many award-winning titles each year. Over recent years, it has ranked as one of the top places to live in the U.S., one of the top most beautiful places in America and one of the best places for businesses and careers as well as the Hippest City of the South. These are just a few of the many distinctions this growing town has received. One thing that makes this city so desirable is its weather, which is cooler than most of the neighboring cities and states. Temperatures average around 37°F in the winter and 74°F in the summer. Not only is Asheville a desirable place to live, but it also contains the largest active archive of weather data in the world, US NCDC.

Know Your Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in Asheville are separated in to 4 sections, dependent upon regional location. The North sector consists of neighborhoods such as Beaverdam, Beaver Lake and Grove Park. These are some of the safest neighborhoods in Asheville. For newer suburban homes, check out Skyland and Biltmore Park in the South sector. The East sector consists of some neighborhoods in close proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway and all of its biking and hiking trails, including Haw Creek, Kenilworth, and Beverly Hills. The West sector is known to have a young, hippy vibe to it and also contains some of the safest neighborhoods, including Haywood Road and Bear Creek.

Transportation to and Through the City

Transportation throughout Asheville is relatively simple. If you are choosing to fly into the city, Asheville Regional Airport is your most convenient option. The landing is in southern Asheville, right off of I-26. If you decide to fly in, you can have your items shipped via U-Box containers, and they can be delivered directly to your new home. I-26 is a newly completed interstate that cuts through the western side of Asheville, going north to south. U.S. Route 19 and 23 both cut off of the northern part of I-26 and are currently going through a long-term period of construction. Try to avoid these roads if possible, as traffic might be delayed due to construction. I-25 runs north to south through Asheville as well, except it intersects the eastern side of Asheville. This is often a good choice to take because it crosses through many of the major neighborhoods. If you are moving in to Asheville from the east or west, I-40 intersects right through the heart of the city and crosses over both I-25 and I-26.

Get the Best Education

North Carolina, in general, is home to many major universities, and the small city of Asheville is no different. This city, is thriving with a younger crowd, and it is partially due to the education facilities. If you are moving here for school, or have children who need to attend a school or university, you have come to the right place. This college town has well-known campuses, such as a University of North Carolina campus, five other universities and three community colleges. If you are moving with younger children, the top 5 best school systems include Columbus, Beech Mountain, Tyron, Corolla and Boone. Each system is divided by county, so be sure to check which school is in the county you want to live in before you decide on a home.


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