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Moving supplies available at U-Haul in Pittsburgh

Our U-Haul facility that is located between Pittsburgh's major universities carries a variety of packing supplies to aid in securing and moving your belongings. Items range from boxes to straps and covers, as well as various lifting aids, tie downs, and dollies to efficiently move your belongings. Buy boxes in bundles to get an even higher discount.

Our box sizes range from 12” x 12” book boxes to a Grand Wardrobe box that fits your suits and dresses. If you happen to buy more than you need, U-Haul will buy back your unused boxes with a receipt! Wrapping paper, Enviro-Bubble, and foam sheets are sold in bulk or in smaller portions to protect and secure loose items during your move. U-Haul wants to make moving easier for you.


Covers & Bags


Moving & Lifting Tools

Packing Supplies

Ropes & Tie Downs

Shipping Boxes & Supplies

  • Wine Shipping Kits
    Wine Shipping Kits $4.95

Packing Tape

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