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535 N Main St   Fuquay Varina, NC 27526


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535 N Main St
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

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Initially, the trailer hadn't been properly seated on the ball, and when I attempted to load my car the front of the trailer flew up in the air (due to the weight of my car on the ramps). Fortunately I was able to figure out how to attach it. When I arrived at my destination, the receiving uhaul location told me the chains had been improperly attached (not crossed) and the safety chain had never been attached at all. Found existing trash in the cab and gravel in the cargo area.

Joseph R. 

Slow check-in (used mobile device). Lack of knowledge of trailer hook up.

Steve S. 

Gentlemen at pick up location was kind and patient. I did not understand why we were unable to complete the pick up via mobile pick up. We had ordered a furniture Dolly when we made the reservation online. He did not have one! The furniture blankets were obviously not cleaned after previous customer as they were not in plastic bags they are usually in. Returning the truck to a different location was smooth

Dwayne H. 

Frustration with facility using a phone app to process the rental data input. When done with paperwork portion was told where the equipment (car hauler) was located and to go get it. No help or even assurance I hooked it up correctly. I drove to another UHaul facility to ensure I safely attached the trailer. I expect the facility to ensure the trailer is hooked up correctly and the renter understands how the equipment works. I have some familiarity with trailers but don't expect DYI treatment.


Dropped off the vehicle clean and with more fuel than I received it. I explained this to the gentleman but apparently fell on deaf ears.

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