What's in Your Kit?

What to expect in your kit

For $39.99 + tax you'll receive:

• 5 double-walled boxes (24"x16"x18" 4.0 cu ft)

• 1 marker

• 1 roll of tape

• 10 label pouches

• 5 zip ties

College packing tips

You can utilize all of what we send you when you're packing up your apartment or home for Ship to School, or your dorm for college break.

Use the double walled boxes offering twice the protection for items you're shipping or storing. Use the tape provided when you've finished packing up your box to make sure it is securely closed. If you have any unboxed items you'll be needing the zip ties to secure your label (inside your label pouch) to each item. Use the marker to write your name and Customer ID on all of the boxes. Label pouches will be used for any items you are storing or shipping, slide the label in and attach the pouch to the item.

To sign up for Ship to School and/or Storage options, visit www.collegeboxes.com.

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