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10 Tips for Moving Large Furniture

Learn to safely move furniture without damaging your home. The right equipment can help do-it-yourself movers handle everything from mattresses to appliances.


Rent moving boxes and 5 other helpful tips for a zero waste move

In a busy urban living environment, it can be challenging to locate and transport recycled items to a center at the end of a move. A zero waste move requires some creativity, but it isn’t impossible. U-Haul strives to provide the most eco-friendly relocation options. Here are a few practical tips to get started.


3 Ways to Use U-Haul Moving Supplies for an Eco-Friendly Move

Leave a small carbon footprint during your next move by renting Ready-To-Go Box plastic moving crates. Using sustainable products to pack will reduce greenhouse gasses and provide an eco-friendly solution. Our easy stacking and nesting totes fit through most doorways. U-Haul is the answer to all of your moving needs for a green move.

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