Packing tips


What Services Does Moving Help® Provide?

From packing your boxes to loading your truck to cleaning after your move, Moving Help® service providers will help make your next move the easiest one yet.


13 Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations

Check out these storage solutions to keep your holiday decorations protected and organized for next year. Here are some simple tips to save you time and keep your priceless decorations safe.


What To Know About Your Moving Help® Providers

Moving to a new house, apartment or condo is an exciting event. You have a new city to explore, a new home to decorate and maybe even enjoy that new furniture smell. However, all of that excitement can quickly be ruined if you are caught blinded by your moving labor.


How Many Hours Do I Need for Moving Help® Providers?

Moving Help Providers are professionals, and often people are amazed at how quickly they’re able to finish a job. However, Moving Help Providers are not superheroes. They can’t fly up four flights of stairs and lift a mattress with one hand and a dresser with another. Being able to estimate the number of hours you need Moving Help for is important for the success of your move.

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