Packing tips


Keeping Your TV Static Free With U-Haul®

Are you planning on a big move or packing to put belongings in storage? Well, if so then you will want to ensure your TV stays as brand new as when you bought it! Check out U-Haul's complete Anti-Static TV Cover overview!


Guide To U-Haul® Easy Pak Box Kit™

If you're the type of individual who needs packing and moving supplies quickly, then look no further to U-Haul's Easy Pak Box Kit™. Our all-in-one, packing kit provides you with all the essentials to get your packing process started, pick yours up online or at your U-Haul® center!


How Forearm Forklift® Makes Your Move Easier!

Chances are if you have heavy and bulky items you're trying to move, it can be a challenge. No need to worry any longer about using brute force to move your bulk items, with a set of Forearm Forklifts you'll have the confidence to move appliances and bulk furniture with ease!


What Makes U-Haul® Mattress Protectors So Special?

If you're worried about your expensive mattress from getting damaged or getting infiltrated by mold, mildew, and bugs, then you'll need to check out what makes our bed bags so unique!


Guide To U-Haul® Glass & Dish Cell Kit!

Are you planning for a long haul move or worried about your expensive stemware or china breaking? If you answered yes to any of these questions, U-Haul has the solution for you, be sure to check our complete guide on our highly engineered cell kit!

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