Best Rate Guarantee for your Extended Rental

You can reserve a pickup truck rental or cargo van rental for an extended amount of time and/or use it for extended miles. By using our extended days/miles special rate, you can save on high mileage travel and longer term reservations. This is the ideal option for customers that need to make multiple trips back-and-forth across town, use the vehicle for several days, or a combination of both.

If you plan on renting a pickup truck or cargo van for extended days or miles, follow the these steps:

  1. Begin by entering your pick up date and location in the reservation form as normal and click “Get rates.”
  2. On the following page, you’ll see both the 8’ Pickup truck and Cargo Van as selections and above the “Continue” buttons there’s a link to “Extended days/miles special rates.” Click on the link.
  3. On the page for “Additional Days and Extended Mileage” you can enter the estimated miles and time for your trip and click “Show Rates”

If your trip qualifies for special pricing you will see new rates appear, otherwise you will see the rate of $19.95 plus mileage/fees.

Our extended days/miles rental option allows you to reserve the 8’ Pickup truck or cargo van up to 90 days. If you’re a small business owner who needs to make use of this option more frequently, consider signing up for a corporate account to receive the lowest rates. 

Why choose extended days/miles?

  • Perfect for back-and-forth/long distance commutes
  • You may reserve for up to 90 days
  • Ability to see a quote for the miles you need
  • Save money on high mileage travel
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