7 Moving Hacks by Moving Help®

Make moving day easier when you try one of Moving Help’s moving hacks! 

Feel confident during your move when you protect your belongings and save some time in the process. 

  1. Stop the Lock – Don’t get locked out! Keep doors unlocked by wrapping a rubber band around each side of the door handle, covering the lock to keep it pushed in. This will allow you to freely exit and reenter your home. 
  2. Protect Your Floors – Moving large pieces of furniture can easily cause damage to your flooring. Try taping cardboard over carpet, hardwood, and stairs to create a layer of protection. 
  3. Easily Carry a Mattress – Lifting a mattress can sometimes seem impossible. Try laying down a sheet and placing your mattress on top of it allowing you to use the corners of the sheet as straps. 
  4. Secure Items on a Dolly – Stabilize your dolly by strapping bungee cords around any stacked items to secure them to the bars of the dolly. 
  5. Easily Move Heavy Items – Place heavy items on furniture pads to slide them across hard surfaces. The furniture pads will allow you to glid the furniture across your floor without causing any scratches. 
  6. Protect Your Washing Machine – When moving a top loading washing machine, place pillows or blankets inside to stabilize the agitator during transit and minimize the risk of damage.  
  7. Keep Your Freezer Clean – Make sure your freezer stays dry and mold-free during transit when you place a clean diaper or maxi pad inside. The diaper or maxi pad will absorb any remaining moisture, keeping your freezer nice and dry! 

Use these tips to help your moving day run smoothly. If you are looking for some extra help, try reserving professional moving labor by the hour through Moving Help®. 

Here are some of the perks of reserving the best movers through Moving Help®. 

  • Customer Reviews – Moving Help® has collected over 2 million unedited customer reviews for you to read through. See what real Moving Help® customers have to say and find the right mover for you. 
  • Services Provided - Moving Help Service Providers don’t just offer help with loading and unloading your U-Haul truck rental. You can also hire them to help with packing, unpacking, cleaning, piano moving, and more! 
  • On Your Schedule - Moving Help® is available whenever you need it. Avoid working around your family and friend’s schedules when you rely on them to help you move. 
  • Fit Your Budget - Find a Service Provider to fit any budget. Control your budget by limiting the number of hours you reserve or by using Moving Help’s sort function to browse the most affordable providers near you. 

Whether you need just a little bit or a lot of help, Moving Help® has service providers ready to tackle any size move!

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