Can You Hire Moving Help® For Moving One Piece of Furniture?

Yes! Hiring professional moving labor is no longer just for when you need help moving houses. With services like Moving Help®, you can easily find help when you need to move just a few items that are too heavy to tackle alone. Maybe you are getting rid of a large appliance like an old refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher. Or maybe you inherited a piece of heavy furniture and moving it without help is just not an option.

Single-Item Moving with Moving Help®

Moving Help® reservations can be booked by the hour, starting at two hours, allowing customers to get just enough help to move a few items. Typically, reserving two hours of help will give your service providers plenty of time load your appliances or pieces of furniture, meet you at your destination and also take care of unloading.  

Booking Moving Help® 

When choosing how many hours of help you need, be sure to factor in how long it will take to travel between each location. Most Moving Help Service Providers are able to accommodate both the loading and unloading for a single-item move if your service locations are within a reasonable distance of each other. After booking, be sure to coordinate with your service providers that they are able to travel between locations, if multiple locations apply to your move. 

Just Need an Extra Set of Hands? 

One-person crews are usually for when you plan on doing most of the heavy lifting yourself, but just need a little help when moving something oversized, like a large couch or dresser. If your project requires just an extra set of hands, try looking for a one-person crew in your area. Hiring a one-person crew for the minimum of two hours tends to be our cheapest option on the Moving Help® MarketPlace.

Getting the Right Equipment 

Your Moving Help Service Provider will supply the labor needed to move your single item and you will need to coordinate the driving. If your personal vehicle is not large enough for your appliance or other large item, you can always rent a U-Haul cargo van or pickup truck. If your car has a hitch equipped for towing you can even opt for a trailer. 

Don’t forget to pick up the equipment needed for moving your one piece of furniture, like a dolly, hand truck, and furniture pads. Ratchet straps will likely be needed to keep your item in place during transit, since it won’t be surrounded by other items keeping it in place. Ask your mover what equipment they suggest you rent to make sure you are all good to go on moving day. 

Reserve Moving Help® Today 

To hire single-item moving assistance near you, visit and enter the address and date you need help. Pick a provider that fits your budget and choose how many hours of help you need; most single item moves can be accomplished with our two-hour minimum. Make to have selected "Load/Unload" as your service. Your provider should contact you within 24 hours of booking to go over the details of your move.  

Moving just one piece of furniture is easier than ever with Moving Help®, find a provider near you, today!

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