How To Find Quality Moving Help®

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a person moves at least 11 times in his lifetime. Moving frequently can get tiresome but with extra help you can have a stress free move. Finding reliable, affordable and reputable movers is easy with these helpful tips.

Research Movers

MovingHelp® powered by U-Haul is a convenient way to research local professional moving help. Moving Helpers® are independently owned so each one offers unique services. Perform a search to see what they have listed as their own set of services. Make sure to read customer reviews for each local mover and compare their services and prices so you can ensure you're selecting the best one for your move.  

Get Price Estimates

All local moving prices are listed once a search is performed so you can select the Moving Help that fits your budget. The prices listed cover cost of processing, confirming and settling the transaction with your mover. It is also a good idea to speak with your movers after booking to ensure they are able to move all the items you need. You will be able to discuss packing options, labor services, and set the time you would like them to arrive with your moving helper directly.

Need help estimating how many hours of Moving Help you need? No problem. Use this chart to estimate how many hours of service you need by crew size, location, and carry distance to your moving truck. 

Reservation Process

The reservation process is easy. Visit and fill out your zip code, the date of your move and the time of day you would like your move to start. Then you'll be shown a list of moving helpers available in your area. Choose the mover that fits your needs and complete the reservation process. Once you reserve your Moving Help they provide you with a payment code that is located on your receipt and in your reservation confirmation email. You'll give the payment code to your moving helper after they’re done and at that time they will get compensated for their labor. This payment code ensures the job is done to your satisfaction.

Leave a Review

If you’re satisfied or dissatisfied with your move leave a review explaining what exceeded your expectations or disappointed you. Your feedback is important to the movers so they know they're providing the best services. Reviews also help future customers looking for Moving Help. As an added convenience, if you submit a review you'll be refund your order handling fee that was taken at the time of your reservation. 

Safe Buying Guaranteed

Be confident in your movers with the safe buying guarantee. With the safe buying guarantee, payment is released to your movers once you are satisfied with the job. If for any reason you need to cancel your moving services before the day of your move, you can log into your account and Moving Help will refund your money. 

When you're planning your next move don't forget to add Moving Help to your order and get extra help you need on moving day.

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