How to Have a Full-Service Move with U-Haul

You know and love the affordability and convenience of completing your move with a U-Haul® truck rental, but maybe you want to leave the driving and heavy lifting to someone else during your next move? Experience the ease of using a full-service moving company at a U-Haul price point when you combine the use of U-Box® moving and storage containers with loading and unloading labor from Moving Help®.

Find Flexibility with U-Box Containers

U-Box moving containers are U-Haul's solution for customers who are looking for a more hands-off move. U-Box containers are perfect for extra-large moves, small moves, or even instances when you might not be too sure where you are moving to quite yet. Moving Help® can deliver, load up, and drop off your containers to a local U-Haul center to have them stored for as long as you would like. Once you know where you're moving, all you have to do is arrange where in the country, or world, you would like your U-Box containers delivered to.

Leave the Driving to Someone Else

When you choose U-Box® moving and storage containers for your next move, all you have to coordinate getting to your new home is yourself! Whether you are moving across town, across the country, or even internationally, you can feel confident knowing your belongings will meet you safely at your destination.

Know Your Belongings Are Safe

The use of U-Box containers gives you back control that traditional van-lines simply cannot offer. When making a move with the help of a full-service van-line, your items are transported with little to no supervision from yourself. The items inside of a U-Box container are only accessible to the customer, seeing as they are locked by personal locks and keys.

Don’t Lift a Finger

Find affordable and reliable moving labor to help with loading and unloading of your U-Box containers with U-Haul's Moving Help Service Providers offer a variety of services for U-Box customers, from loading and unloading the containers, to delivering them, and even unpacking your items after your container has been unloaded.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Moving Help® and U-Box® load/unload services are priced in a way to give customers the best deal possible. Standard loading/unloading from Moving Help must be reserved by the hour, starting at two hours, having the total cost depend on the size of your move.

However, pricing for U-Box loading and unloading services are based on the number of U-Box containers you need help with. Moving Help Service Providers choose a rate to charge based on the loading or unloading of a single container, plus a rate for each additional unit. No matter how jam packed your U-Box container is, you will never pay more than the price per container offered.

Your Easiest Move Yet

Get an instant quote for your next move, today! Check out what affordable, reliable Moving Help Service Providers offering U-Box® services are in your area, here!

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