Important things to tell your Moving Help® providers

When you hire Moving Help® providers, there are a few important details that will help both parties ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. The following suggestions will help your moving helpers know the details of your move and they will be able to come as prepared as possible.

Are there stairs in either location? If so, how many flights, and is there an elevator?

Stairs are always tricky and definitely slow down the rate at which the move is going. Stairs add to the amount of time is needed and the caution at which these items are moved. Also be sure to check with your Moving Help® professional if you have a piano that will need to be moved up or down, stairs.

What heavy furniture or appliances will be moved?

Heavy furniture and appliances usually require more than one person. It can be cumbersome to maneuver through homes and apartments and onto your moving truck. Most Moving Help® companies are not prepared to move large items like hot tubs or as mentioned above, pianos. It is better to ask your moving professional if they can handle oversize items rather than assuming and causing a less than ideal moving experience for all involved.

When it comes to rental trucks, size matters.

The rental truck, trailer, or moving container size is an important detail because it gives your professional help an idea of the scale of your move. It is helpful knowing what space is available to work with when loading your truck.

Are there any parking restrictions that would hinder the movers from easy access to your location?

A lot of times, apartment complexes have parking restrictions or limits due to space or location. You want to avoid any conflict with management or local authorities, such as police or fire department. Check with your landlord or leasing agent to find out which restrictions may be troublesome and speak to your Moving Help® professionals.

Are your household goods going to more than one location?

Informing your Moving Help® providers of multiple locations (such as storage) is important information to have because traveling to multiple locations requires more time. This information is also helpful when your truck is being loaded. Knowing which location is first will determine what items go in the truck last.

What moving supplies do you already have on hand?

Letting your moving helpers know that you have the appropriate moving supplies such as dollies, wraps, and pads let them know that all they need to bring is their muscle. Once you've let them know about your moving supplies and discussed all of the above details you can be sure your move will go off without a hitch!

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