What to do Before Moving Help® Arrives

Hiring Moving Help® Service Providers to help load and unload your U-Haul truck rental is one of the fastest ways to complete a DIY move.  

Help your providers help you by getting a few tasks done prior to moving day. When your providers can work faster, you are able to reserve less hours, in turn, saving you money! 

Follow our pre-moving day checklist to have your smoothest move yet. 

Pre-Moving Day Checklist 

  1. Reserve your moving truck or trailer as soon as you know your moving date, to guarantee availability. 
  2. Pack all your boxes before your movers arrive. You can also consider adding on packing or unpacking services to your Moving Help order. 
  3. Purchase or rent any equipment and supplies your providers will need to use. Items such as hand trucks, moving pads, stretch wrap, and various other moving materials. 
  4. Empty out and unplug any large appliances. 
  5. Pick up your moving truck and have it on site prior to your Moving Help Service Provider’s arrival. 
  6. Park your moving truck or trailer in an optimal location. The closer your moving truck is to your home, the faster loading or unloading can take place. 
  7. Clear a path through your home and to your rental truck, allowing your movers to safely and easily carry your items. 
  8. Have your Moving Help Service Providers contact information available in the event you need to contact them at any point during moving day. 
  9. Have your payment code readily available to share with your providers once they have completed your move to your satisfaction. 

Let the Professionals Take Over 

By prepping your home for moving day, you will be helping your service providers do their job as efficiently as possible. If you complete the above steps, you will be able to sit back and relax on moving day, allowing your movers to do what they do best! 

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