How to Cancel or Edit Your U-Haul Reservation

Moving is stressful. It’s even more taxing when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. We understand that life happens, and tough decisions must be made due to finances or personal situations. Whether it is to modify or cancel your U-Haul reservation, we are here to help you in your time of need.

Can I Cancel My U-Haul Reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your U-Haul truck or trailer reservation. For U-Haul to help serve more families, we ask that you let us know you need to cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled move date.

There are multiple ways to cancel your U-Haul truck or trailer reservation. The most convenient option is logging into your U-Haul account. Once there, you can view all current reservations on your account and click on the "upcoming reservation" link with your order number to view the order details page. On the order details page, scroll down and click the "Cancel My Reservation" button. You'll be asked to confirm which reservation you would like to cancel. After clicking the "confirm cancellation" button, you'll be taken back to the order details page with a message stating your order has been successfully cancelled. If there are any issues online, alternate ways to contact us are to use our Live Chat feature, give us a call at 1-800-GO-U-HAUL or send us an email at

What is the U-Haul Cancellation Policy?

Cancelling 24 hours before your scheduled reservation will help you avoid any penalties fees you might face.

Can I Edit My U-Haul Reservation?

Yes, you can edit your U-Haul reservation. The easiest way to start is by looking up your U-Haul reservation information and modify it online. You can also contact a U-Haul representative over the phone at 1-800-GO-U-HAUL or at your local pick-up location with your reservation information.

U-Box® Reservations

To cancel your U-Box® reservation, call 1-877-GO-UHAUL to reach a representative that will assist you with your order. U-Haul does not charge any cancellation fees for U-Box® reservations.

U-Box® reservations can also be modified through your account as well. You can change your delivery date, add containers, and add SafeStor Mobile® coverage. If you are unable to make your desired change online, call 1-877-GO-UHAUL to reach a representative that will assist you with your order.

Self-Storage Reservations

To cancel or edit your U-Haul self-storage reservation, sign in to your U-Haul account and navigate to your upcoming storage reservation. Select Edit Reservation to update your move-in date, change the unit size/type, add, or remove stored property insurance, or cancel your storage reservation entirely.

U-Haul owned, and managed locations will hold a self-storage reservation until one day after your scheduled move-in date.

Moving Help® Reservations

To cancel a Moving Help® reservation, sign into your U-Haul customer account and select the order you want to cancel, then select “Manage my Moving Helper Order” and click the 'cancel' option. You can also cancel a reservation by signing into your customer account on If you need further assistance, please use the Moving Help® contact us page to chat with an agent.

Your funds should be available within five business days of cancellation unless you choose to put your funds on a certificate and apply them to a different mover. We process all refunds immediately upon cancellation. Please contact your banking institution if the funds are not available within one week.

If you have issues with any U-Haul reservations contact us by giving us a call at 1-800-GO-U-HAUL, sending us an email at, or use our live chat feature.

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