How Forearm Forklift® Makes Your Move Easier!


When it comes to moving anything large or medium-sized with some hefty weight or bulky in size, it is not always easy to move it from one place to another. Whether you're lifting an oversized couch, appliance, dresser, or any furniture, there is a solution out there other than just using brute force and muscle to get your large items into your U-Haul truck, house, U-Box Container® or storage unit. This practical but straightforward solution is the innovative Forearm Forklift® that was developed well over a decade ago by a United States Army veteran in 1998. For years, U-Haul has been a proud supporter of offering this fantastic product to our consumer base.

For many decades do-it-yourself movers have been manhandling their furniture and appliances. Forearm Forklifts® are straps designed to help you distribute weight evenly between you and your moving partner to support the object you're moving to become more maneuverable and feel lighter no matter if you're going up or downstairs and even between tight spaces. If you're worried about struggling to pick up the heaviest items and weight while you're loading up a U-Haul truck or getting your large double-door refrigerator out of your house, the Forearm Forklift® is a tool you need to get the job done right and safely. Throughout this article, we will go through each detail on why a Forearm Forklift is so innovative and compatible with every individual while showing how it will help you and your family will receive the most efficiency in your move.

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What Is A Forearm Forklift?

Chances are, if you have ever stopped into a U-Haul center, you have probably come across a Forearm Forklift® point of purchase stand. If you haven't, we're about to change that! Developed in 1998, A.A.C.Forearm Forklift® is a Southern California-based company managed by a former professional mover who creates moving products for do-it-yourself individuals to make their lives easier. They intend to bring the latest innovations to the do-it-yourself movers market to help tackle the most challenging items as quickly as moving a simple moving box. When you think of a Forklift, you probably think of two forks on a small warehouse vehicle that can lift heavy loads through a hydraulic system.

Well, if you are planning to move around furniture, a big cross country moves, or putting away bulky items in storage for some time, the Forearm Forklift® is going to make your life so much more ergonomic and efficient. It does this to use a similar concept and interpretation of how a standard hydraulic forklift does just with the use of two wide straps used in an X formation. Using wide polypropylene webbing straps with three choices for individual arm placements to allow for height differentiation will give ultimate flexibility for any person who uses it. Three cuffs are intertwined so that you can level out the object you're moving depending on the size of each person. For instance, if you have a shorter woman on one side and a very tall man on the other side, you will need to use the size adaptable straps to ensure a proper leveled height when moving your object.

When you pick up your Forearm Forklift® from your local U-Haul center or online, you will receive two straps that are completely adjustable for sizing depending on what furniture, appliance, or object you intend to move. People often think of moving large objects to be a very physical task to do that will exert a lot of energy and force; this can be true depending on their strength. Well, brute force is a thing of the past; with a Forearm Forklift®, you will make heavy items such as washers, dryers, house appliances, and warehouse equipment feel like they are a breeze to move. How is this possible? With the straps holding up to 800 pounds in total gross weight and the convenience of having properly distributed weight on your forearms using leverage, it is no wonder why it will reduce lift exertion up to 66% over conventionally lifting your heavy items.

If you are worried about moving things efficiently and timely during your move, a Forearm Forklift® will solve your moving problems. Moving heavy and bulky items can be such a hassle, especially if you're trying to move them in very confined and tight spaces. It will allow you to have more confidence, especially when handling large bulky items such as a refrigerator, couch, or a washer and dryer. Not all door sizes are made equal, so give yourself the vote of confidence that every do-it-yourself mover needs.

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Functionality and Versatility

Unlike the conventional way of moving large items with a floor dolly or using brute muscle with a buddy to help move your oversized items out of your house or place, you're moving to or from. The Forearm Forklift® gives you tools you need to correctly complete any heavy lifting job. Engineered into every Forearm Forklift® is a high-strength woven polypropylene straps that will give you the security you need when lifting heavy objects such as appliances, furniture, beds, or other bulky items that need the right tool for the job.

The versatility of the Forearm Forklift® that comes into play is the ability for anyone to use no matter the height or stature. For example, let us say that you have a sizable dresser that you want to carry from your master bedroom down to a U-Haul Truck with a low deck. Still, the only issue is that the person who may help you might be a different height than you, which throws off the leveled ability. There is no need to worry about that; Forearm Forklift® innovation has you covered; in each strap, there are three loops that will give you the versatility to get your arms level to the object you are trying to move with ease.

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Why Purchase A Forearm Forklift® From U-Haul?

There are many reasons to purchase the very innovative and trick Forearm Forklift® from your local U-Haul Center or directly online. While planning for your move, whether it'll be across town or the continental United States, getting all your moving supplies can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be with U-Haul by your side. Why not give yourself an edge before your big move by not only picking up all your moving supplies such as boxes, tape, tie-downs, ratchet straps, rope, and mattress bags; these items will help facilitate everything you need to get your move started and completed.

Please visit your local U-Haul store center or call us directly to learn even more about how a Forearm Forklift will help you whenever you need to move large or bulky items!

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