How Many Weeks Should I Rent Ready-To-Go Box?

When you rent Ready-To-Go Boxes, you’re choosing a convenient solution for a variety of moving or temporary storage situations. The process is simple: pick up as many plastic moving boxes as you need, when you need them and return the boxes when you’re done. If you’re unsure how long you need the containers for, check out these common scenarios to get an idea of might work for you.

One week

  • Moving your office: Moving to the corner office? Ready-To-Go Box has 2.4 cubic feet of space capable of hauling files, computer monitors, laptops and other office supplies.
  • Making a trip to storage: Ready-To-Go Boxes are easy to pack, load and transport via automobile, so hauling your extra items to self-storage is an easy task.
  • Packing for an event: Trade shows, conventions, farmers markets and other short-term events are great places to utilize Ready-To-Go Boxes.

Two weeks

  • Downsizing: Ready-To-Go Boxes are ideal for downsizing into assisted living or a college dorm because they are returned when you’re finished, creating less clutter than was there before.
  • Cleaning out the garage: Ready-To-Go Boxes’ durability makes them great for storing tools, sporting goods, cleaning supplies and other heavy-duty items found in a garage or shed.
  • Packing an apartment: Since you pick up Ready-To-Go Boxes, they’re ready when you are. There’s no assembly required so packing and unpacking is quick and easy.

Three weeks

  • Temporary storage: Any time you need to store a variety of items for several weeks, Ready-To-Go Boxes are easily stacked, stored and maneuvered in your home.
  • Small home renovation project: Pack and store your electronics, small appliances and home décor while your small renovation project is underway.
  • In a home emergency: A small flood or roof leak can do a number on your home and personal belongings. While your home is being repaired, keep your belongings stored safely.

Four weeks

  • Large home renovation project: Large-scale projects often require weeks of storage. Ready-To-Go Boxes provide a safe place to store appliances and belongings during the process.
  • In-town move: Try Ready-To-Go Boxes instead of cardboard. Rent as many as you need, keep them for as long as you like and return them when you’re finished.
  • Small business relocation: Moving a business can take time and cost money. Ready-To-Go Boxes are used at your convenience and they eliminate costs spent on cardboard, tape, box cutters and other packing supplies.

Is the Ready-To-Go Box the perfect solution for your upcoming moving or temporary storage project? Whether you need your plastic moving boxes for a few days or a few weeks, find a Ready-To-Go Box center near you and pick yours up today.

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