How to Fit 20 Ready-To-Go Boxes in a Toyota Prius

There’s a lot to like about the U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box. The plastic moving containers are easy to use, environmentally friendly and provide a simple solution for moving your home or office or storing your valuables. They also feature an efficient design that makes transporting dozens of boxes to and from your local U-Haul rental location effortless. In fact, you can easily fit at least 20 empty boxes inside a car as compact as a Toyota Prius!

 Don’t believe us? Here’s how to load 20 Ready-To-Go Boxes into a Toyota Prius:


1. Fold the rear seats down and remove any belongings you have in the rear storage compartment.

An open Toyota Prius with portable moving containers stacked nearby

2. Stack five boxes upright and place them into the vehicle on the drivers side behind the seat. They should be laying flat with the box opening facing up.

Toyota Prius with plastic moving boxes stacked inside

3. Stack another set of five boxes and place them on the passenger side behind the seat in the same way as the first stack.

Plastic moving containers in the back of a Toyota Prius

4. Stack two more sets of five and combine them. Place the stack of 10 behind the first two stacks with the non-lid side facing down.

10 plastic moving boxes stacked on their side

5. Now you’ready to go! No matter what car you drive, you can take plenty Ready-To-Go Boxes with you and have room to spare. Just stack and load your boxes as shown here.

20 plastic moving boxes fitting inside an open Toyota Prius

 Is Ready-To-Go Box the perfect solution to your next move? Find a local U-Haul rental location near you and reserve your boxes today.

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