How to Move Plants Using Ready-To-Go Box

It takes a lot of care and hard work to maintain house plants. Over time, they often become a special part of your home, making it difficult to part with them on moving day. It may seem like an easy choice to take your plants with you, but it's not as simple as tossing your plants in a cardboard box like you would most other things.

The good news is, using Ready-To-Go Box’s versatile, durable design, you can move potted plants – big and small – with relative ease. Each container is sturdy and spacious, ensuring your shrubs and seedlings remain strong and healthy while in transit so they can continue to thrive in your new space.

Here are some tips for transporting plants by car using Ready-To-Go Box.

Research state plant import laws

If you’re moving to a new state, double check that your plants can be taken across state lines. There are many laws and regulations regarding importing indoor plants that vary based on the state. For example, some states only allow plants that are free of insects and in commercially prepared potting soil.

Moving supplies for plants

Start by reserving your Ready-To-Go Boxes. Even if your move is last minute, you can rent Ready-To-Go Boxes same or next day in most cases. There are no minimum rental requirements, so you can rent as many moving containers as you need. Even if you’re transporting just one or two plants, Ready-To-Go Box is available to you.

Other items you may need to pack and move your plants:

How to prepare plants for moving

Use the above-listed items to pack and prepare your plants for transit. How you prepare your plants ultimately depends on the size and species, but in general, you should follow these steps:

  • Pack your plants as close to moving day/time as you can: Don’t deprive your shrubs from sunlight and fresh air unless you have to. Keep your plants in their current home until you absolutely need to move them.
  • Line your Ready-To-Go Boxes with plastic or cellophane: Not only does this keep your Ready-To-Go Box in good, clean condition, it also makes clean up quick and easy should a plant fall over in the box.
  • Secure bushy, sprawling plants: For plants with sprawling leaves and branches, use zip ties or twine to make them more compact. This helps them fit in the box and keeps these pieces from being bent or broken in the process.
  • Wrap pots in plastic or paper: If you have clay pots, you can keep them from break apart or leaking by wrapping them in a protective material, like newspaper, cloth or plastic wrap. Use tape to keep it in place.

Moving your plants

Since many professional movers do not move plants by rule, you will likely have to move them in your personal vehicle. Be sure to keep them in the cabin so they get adequate airflow and sunlight. To keep your plants secured while you're driving, set them in your plastic moving boxes and use furniture blankets or towels to hold them in place.

If you have a tall shrub, leave the Ready-To-Go Box lid open so it's not crushed. If you're making a long drive, bring a spray bottle filled with water and consider cracking the window so they get plenty of water and fresh air. Remember that if your plants are indoor plants, they may need more water than you usually provide them. Arid climates can be hard on indoor plants, so be sure the soil is moist before you leave.

Cleaning out your Ready-To-Go Boxes

Ready-To-Go Boxes are made from a durable, weather-resistant plastic. This is good news, because if your plants cause a mess during the move – whether that’s loose dirt, leaves or water – the box won’t be damaged and the mess can be easily wiped away with water and a rag. For tougher soil stains, you can scrub using a common household detergent and paper towels.

Returning Ready-To-Go Boxes

After the job is done, you can return your Ready-To-Go Boxes at your convenience. If you need to keep your boxes an extra day or so to move other, non-living items, you can do that. Just return them to the same U-Haul Center after you’re finished so they’re out of the way.

Moving plants is just way one to utilize Ready-To-Go Box during a move. To take advantage of the versatility and practicality offered by Ready-To-Go Box, find a location near you and rent your Ready-To-Go Boxes today.®

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