How to Pack Tall Chairs for Moving Using U-Haul Wardrobe Boxes

You probably have a plan for packing most of your belongings for moving, but what about tall, oddly shaped chairs, like bar stools? It can be a challenge to thoroughly pack and protect these types of chairs given their unique size and shape. The good news is, U-Haul Wardrobe Noxes are the perfect solution for packing tall chairs for moving, shipping or storage. Here’s how it works.

How Wardrobe Boxes Help with Packing Chairs and Bar Stools

U-Haul Wardrobe Boxes are designed to haul dresses, coats, pants and other long garments on hangers, but they pair equally well with bar stools/tall chairs. This is due to the boxes’ unique design and dimensions. Measuring up to 48” tall depending on the box, U-Haul Wardrobe Boxes have more than enough interior space to move the average bar stool.

Our Wardrobe Boxes are also strong and durable. Each box features a double-walled design that ensures your chairs – especially wooden and expensive chairs – are protected from nicks, scratches and dents during your move. The sturdy design also allows our Wardrobe Boxes to hold 80-100 lb. depending on the box, so even bulky, heavy chairs can be moved with ease.

How to Pack Chairs for Moving or Storage

1. Acquire Recommended Moving Supplies

Packing chairs for moving starts with gathering the recommend moving supplies. You can pick up Wardrobe Boxes from any local U-Haul store or have them delivered to your home by ordering online.

Select the right Wardrobe Boxes for you based on the size of your bar stools:

Other recommended moving supplies:

2. Assemble Your Wardrobe Boxes

If you purchased new boxes, they will require some initial assembly. Each box will come flattened and/or bundled by plastic straps. Start by cutting the straps with scissors or a utility knife, then unfold the box into its normal shape. Fold the bottom flaps in, then close the bottom using box tape. Set the metal hanging bar aside to use later. Complete this step for every box you intend to use.

3. Wrap Your Chairs

With your box assembled, you can begin wrapping your chairs using furniture pads and plastic wrap (Enviro-Bubble underneath for added protection). Work in an open, flat area, like an empty bedroom or living room so you have plenty of space to operate.

Begin with the chair standing upright. If you’re using Enviro-Bubble, wrap the chair in Enviro-Bubble first, then evenly drape an unfolded furniture pad over the top of the chair, covering each side as evenly as possible. Chairs will vary in shape or size, so don’t worry if your pad doesn’t completely blanket your chair from top to bottom.

Using your plastic Mover’s Wrap, begin circling the blanketed chair, going from top to bottom. Keep the wrap as tight as possible, wrapping the entire circumference 6-8 times at least. Try to create a small amount of overlap each time around so the blanket remains flat and firmly in place.

4. Pack Your Chairs in Wardrobe Boxes

If your blanket is tightly wrapped, your chairs should easily slide into your Wardrobe Boxes. Be sure to pack your chairs with the legs facing down (with the chair standing upright in the box). Do not pack your chairs with the seat facing down.

Wardrobe Boxes are designed to be spacious, so there will likely be empty space on the sides of the chair. Place a densely folded towel or blanket on all four sides of the box to eliminate the space and prevent shifting. When you’re finished, secure the top flaps with tape.

Packing Made EasierSM

Ready to move your tall chairs/bar stools? Shop for Wardrobe Boxes and other moving supplies today.

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