Moving Blankets 101: A Complete Guide

Moving blanket guide from U-Haul.

Whether you realize it or not, moving blankets (or furniture pads) are a major moving essential, up there with moving trucks and moving boxes. These simple yet effective items are great for protecting furniture, appliances, and other household items from the scratches, dents, and scuffs that commonly occur during a move. If you’ve never used a moving blanket/furniture pad before, you may have some questions about how to use them best, or whether you need them at all. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about moving blankets so you can plan your move accordingly and get the most out of your moving supplies.

What Are Moving Blankets/Furniture Pads?

Moving blankets are large cloth coverings that are used to protect items during a move. They can be bought or rented from most moving supplies providers. Moving blankets typically feature a heavy-duty design that makes them ideal for preventing damage to your items. They are often made from cotton, polyester, or recycled materials, like those found in U-Haul Furniture Pads, but materials vary depending on the moving blanket. Most moving blankets are large enough to wrap standard-sized furniture and appliances to provide 360 degrees of protection.

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What Are Moving Blankets Used For?

Moving blankets are versatile packing tools. They are primarily used to provide cushion for furniture, appliances, and other household items in a move, but they can be used in other ways as well. Here are several ways you can use moving blankets/furniture pads during your move.

  • Furniture Protection – Moving blankets are designed to fully cover furniture and appliances and provide easy protection. Pair with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap for best results.
  • Prevent Shifting – Folded moving blankets are perfect for filling the empty spaces in your moving boxes that contain smaller items you don’t shifting or colliding.
  • Fill Gaps in the Truck – Similar to filling space in a moving box, folded moving blankets can be used to fill gaps in between boxes and furniture in the back of your moving truck.

Different Types of U-Haul Moving Blankets

As the leaders in do-it-yourself moving, U-Haul offers three types of furniture pads: standard, quilted, and paper. Each has its own special purpose and design. Learn more about U-Haul moving blankets/furniture pads below to determine which variety is right for you.

Furniture Pad

The original moving blanket, the U-Haul Furniture Pad is the most popular of the three. This moving blanket is made from sustainable recycled denim, reusable, and large enough to cover most items (68” x 85”). The lightweight design makes it easy to handle, yet the material is still thick and durable enough to provide more than adequate cushioning.

Quilted Pad

The U-Haul Quilted Pad is a lot like the Furniture Pad, only it’s multi-layered for maximum protection. The heavy-duty design is made from compressed recycled cotton fibers and comes double stitched for durability (72” x 80” in size). These moving blankets are best suited for long-term storage and covering the most valuable items in your home.

Paper Pad

Although not technically a moving blanket, the U-Haul Paper Pad is an affordable alternative that offers similar protection for a variety of items during a move, including furniture. These 3-ply paper pads can be used to wrap mirrors, paintings, and other wall décor, or cover floors and other surfaces during a home renovation or painting project.

How to use moving blankets.

How to Use Moving Blankets to Protect Furniture

Moving blankets like the U-Haul Furniture Pad or Quilted Pad are most effective when paired with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap. Plastic moving wrap thoroughly secures your moving blanket to your furniture so it stays covered and doesn’t slip out of the blanket in transit. And unlike tape, plasitic moving wrap allows you to avoid sticky residue leftover on your furniture. This is because Mover's Wrap is residue-free and only clings to itself.

Follow the simple steps below to effectively pack your furniture and other belongings using a moving blanket and plastic moving wrap.

1. Loosely place an unfolded blanket over the item you’re wrapping/packing. Adjust the pad so it’s about even on all sides. You can use two or more pads if you’re packing a large piece of furniture and need more coverage.

2. Use the mover’s plastic wrap to secure the blanket in place. Going from top to bottom, tightly wrap the plastic wrap around the item, leaving a bit of overlap each time around so the blanket stays firmly in place. Make several trips around the item so you have a thick layer.

3. With the item covered and secured, you can load it into your moving truck. Use either a Forearm Forklift or furniture dolly to make moving easier and avoid injuries.

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need?

Do-it-yourself movers often wonder how many moving blankets they need for their upcoming move. The answer of course depends on the number of items you’re moving and their size. To get an idea, plan to at least have one moving blanket for every item you intend to wrap. For larger items like headboards, armoires, dining room tables, and large bookcases, you may need two or three furniture pads to provide adequate coverage. Take some time to go through your home and make note of the items that you’re moving and estimate how many furniture pads each item will require, starting with one. Use that tally to figure out how many moving blankets you need to complete your move. For reference, U-Haul Furniture Pads are 68” x 85”, or slightly larger than a queen size mattress.

Where to buy moving blankets.

Where to Buy Moving Blankets/Furniture Pads

Simple! Moving blankets/furniture pads are available anywhere you can find moving supplies. That includes the thousands of U-Haul centers and dealers located across the U.S. and Canada.

Because furniture pads are washable and reusable, you can save yours after your move and use them again in the future. You can also find alternative uses for your furniture pads to maximize their value. Below are some of the most common ways people use moving blankets that doesn’t involve moving.

  • Protecting items in storage
  • Soundproofing a room
  • Lining pet cages
  • Lining a truck or car interior
  • Pet blankets
  • Protection while painting or redecorating
  • Garage floor and tool chest liners
  • Arts and crafts

How to Rent Moving Blankets

If you don’t want to buy moving blankets, but you know you need them, don’t fret. Most moving truck rental providers – including U-Haul – offer furniture pads as an add-on with your truck rental. You can also rent furniture pads by themselves if that better suits your needs. Learn more about renting furniture pads from U-Haul here.

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