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Packing tips

A Checklist to Complete Prior to Moving Help Arrival

U-Haul offers Moving Helpers to make moving easier on your back and your schedule. Be sure to read through this checklist before they arrive.

How to Set Up the U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit

U-Haul's Flat Panel TV Kit helps to protect flat screen TVs. Here is a step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to put together your kit.

How To Find Quality Moving Help

Make moving easier with affordable moving help. Follow these steps in your search for hiring movers. Save time and worry less by having experts securely pack your belongings.

How to Pack and Move your Flat Screen TV

Keep your LCD flat screen TV safe during your upcoming move. With the flat panel TV kit, you’re able to safely pack your TV to make moving easier.

How to Pack Paintings, Mirrors, & Wall Art for Moving

Learn how to protect your mirrors, picture frames and other valuable artwork by packing them safely with the right supplies.