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Packing tips

Packing Tips for a Move: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Get all the packing tips you need for your next move. Learn about which moving supplies can you pack your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other spaces in your home.

How to Load a U-Box Moving and Storage Container

U-Box moving containers are an alternative option to tradition moving and storage services. Use the U-Box container to fit up to a room and a half of furniture and boxes and then simply store the container at a U-Haul location of your choice or have it shipped to a new destination.

Moving Hacks by MovingHelp®

These seven moving hacks are brought to you by the Moving Help® experts. Use these tips to make moving day easier.

One minute moves - dishes

Watch this short video on how to safely pack your dishes for your move with U-Haul.

How to set up the U-Haul Flat Screen TV Protection Kit

Ideal for moving, shipping, or storing a flat screen television. A high quality solution for moving your expensive flat screen T.V. It's more than a box. It's a kit.