5 Reasons Why Propane Is Superior

In today's modern world, the push to find different energy variations for various uses is paramount to individuals and families throughout the United States. For many decades, people have turned to Propane not just to enjoy a weekend barbeque but to use it for many other purposes other than cooking. Propane is a primary source of energy. It means you don't have to rely on anything other than its fuel formula to provide a power source for individuals who need a source of power to run a generator, fire pit space heater, and your gas fireplace.

One of the biggest reasons Propane has such an advantage over electricity is that it doesn't have to rely on a secondary energy source; Propane is the energy source that power you need. For example, there is a terrible thunderstorm or winter storm that comes to your local town or city; chances are there will be some electrical blackout because of the elements. Relying on a power grid to keep your most essentials going is paramount during a harsh storm or embattling the elements. Electricity is produced in many different ways, but mainstream power sources such as powerplants are today's primary source of power to power businesses and homes alike. Unfortunately, power grids can be faulty and, during a significant storm, can be brought down from mother nature's harshest elements.

To combat the downfalls of electricity, Propane has been a consistent alternative to help individuals in various variables, including heating, cooking, power, and fueling vehicles in the form of Autogas. It is why more and more people are switching over to Propane to fulfill their needs other than relying on a local power grid or other forms of electricity. In this guide, U-Haul will show you five reasons why Propane can outshine and outperform an electrical grid, as well as providing an alternative to the status quo.


When you think fuel efficiency, probably the first that comes to mind is most likely your vehicle, but in relative terms, many things can be fuel-efficient other than gas mileage in your automobile. Just like any fuel-powered machinery, it requires the correct amount of fuel to operate it correctly. When it comes to your electrical grid, you need to think about how much power you are drawing from the powerplant that creates all the electricity you are using. As the days go on through a month, the power company will clock you on a meter that takes data on how much energy you use from the energy-creating facility.

The significant variable about Propane is that it burns more efficiently and cleaner than its primary energy rivals, such as coal, gasoline, and nuclear power. Electricity has to run on a source of energy for your home appliances, lighting, computers, and other essential needs such as your air conditioning to work. One of the biggest problems people have is the inability to be prepared for anything that mother nature has in store, especially when the power goes out. It is unlike being anchored to a power grid where it can be very vulnerable to outages during a severe blizzard or thunderstorm. Propane will always be there in the long run because it has a meager burning BTU efficiency aid situations such as critical weather.

Whether you're having an all-out barbeque or home gathering to grill up some fantastic food, powering your home, or need a little more heat while at the tailgate or on a camping trip, Propane will help you accomplish your needs in a timely and efficient manner!


Propane Primary Energy Source

Primary Energy Source

Typical forms of energy such as electrical power plants have to create their power from a primary source of energy; this can be from coal or nuclear power, which can be very impactful to the environment, yet the electrical grid can be very unreliable. Having a primary source of energy can be used in multiple functions to fit a need. Forming as a secondary source which isn't a very reliable source of energy to users. Having the proper energy source will give you the confidence to have the power when you need it most, whether you're battling a storm from mother nature or need all the energy you can get for an upcoming gathering of family and friends.

propane cost effective


Gasoline and diesel can be costly depending on how things are in socioeconomics and the energy sector. Propane is a much more effective solution to heat your home, cook your food, and provide energy for whatever you need to power. Furthermore, Propane has a lower efficiency of burning, or what is known as BTU, than its counterparts of gasoline, coal, diesel, or other forms of primary energy. Anyone who knows that power costs can be the difference between keeping your business running smoothly, having a warm home to come home and keeping food on the table is what Propane can do for you.

propane eviromentally friendly burning

Clean Burning

Unlike other forms of energy such as coal, nuclear power, and gasoline, Propane is a clean-burning fuel that emits a heavily reduced amount of CO2 compared to other forms of energy and fuels. Furthermore, the great thing about Propane, it has been designated by the United States Department of Energy as a clean-burning alternative fuel. Propane costs less than the average price per gallon of gasoline and has a much higher octane rating, so it is better for the environment and your pocketbook in hindsight.

American made propane

Made In The USA

Many provide solutions and answers to American consumer needs from manufacturing, building, and making when it comes to products and services. Nothing speaks more volume than when products have the stamp of Made In The USA. Americans can feel a tremendous amount of pride when they purchase Propane because more than ninety percent of all Propane is produced and manufactured in the United States. For example, the U.S. has so much Propane it is expected to grow by 9% of use by 2025. Therefore, America will be the leading exporter of Propane around the world.

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