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how u-haul propane keeps you warm


There are so many different alternative energy solutions to keep you and your home warm during the cold winter months in today's modern world. For decades, most people either heated their homes with a standard power grid, furnace, or gas line. Fortunately, there are other heating options in and around your home with one of the most sustainable power sources in Propane. By definition, Propane is a flammable gas refined from petroleum and natural gas, most commonly seen and used as a bottled fuel. Whereas natural gas can't be transported easily, Propane is easily transportable and compact for various uses.

Unlike many alternative fuels, propane applications are immense compared to electrical-powered heaters or accessories. During the cold winter months, you will need power within your home to keep you and your family warm. Not only that but to maintain use of various items such as propane grills, water heaters, space heaters, and other home appliances. Fortunately for you the consumer, U-Haul has the most widely recognized distributor network and seller of Propane anywhere in the United States.

Relying on your electrical grid and the power company during the cold winter months can cost you hundreds of dollars a month more than if you were to use Propane. Throughout this article, we will discuss the benefits and features of why relying on Propane can aid you in getting your warmth through the harsh winter!

propane vs electricity

Benefits Of Propane Vs. Electricity

As technology has evolved over the last hundred or so years, people have been working to find new solutions to saving energy costs while adding efficiency. In today's world of turning everything green and carbon-neutrality, using Propane is still one of the best alternatives to gaining the best efficiency when you're trying to heat your home, cook, and stay warm from the elements. The decision to choose whether not to heat your home with Propane or electricity is a common theme for homeowners, especially if they live in cold regions of the country. These are individuals and families who both want to be cost-effective while gaining maximum energy efficiency.

To understand the critical differences between electricity and Propane, we need to understand what kind of power sources they classify. In contrast, electricity is a secondary source of energy. In comparison, Propane is a primary source of power where it can be used "as is," while on the other hand, electricity can only be used once an external energy source from which it was created. It means the end-user will take more energy to produce the electricity, affecting the way cost, efficiency, and cleanliness of how you receive your power.

Measurement in units govern both Propane and electricity; on the one hand, Propane is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit), and electricity is measured in Kilowatts. On the contrary, each fuel is calculated on a per-hour strategy for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. To further understand why we at U-Haul are so adamant about Propane, we need to talk about how energy sources are used in hours of energy.

  • When you are dealing with one gallon of Propane, that is equivalent to twenty-seven-kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • Whereas one watt of electricity equals 3.42 BTUs per hour, compared to Propane.


cost of propane vs electricity

Is Propane Less Expensive Than Electricity?

During the chilly months of the year, no matter where you are, everyone wants to save money while getting the most out of their energy to keep warm at all times. It will determine several variables to whether or not Propane will be more cost-effective to run than electricity.

  1. Propane costs in your area
  2. Availability
  3. Age of appliances
  4. Appliance adaptability to propane
  5. Can it be implemented in your current home?

If you are worried about the electrical system in your home delivering the best power and heating solution, then you will have to start thinking about why it might be an excellent reason to switch to Propane. It can offer you the ability to keep your home and living areas at a higher average temperature with Propane rather than electricity. According to the United States Department of Energy, heating your home with a Propane system is far more cost-effective than the traditional route of electricity to heating your house. Simultaneously, adding a Propane water heater system throughout its lifespan can cost 1/3 less than the conventional electric or gas water heater system.

propane vs altnerative fuels

Why Use Propane Over Other Heating Elements

Unlike electricity, Propane has so much versatility and uses it to outshine any town or city's typical electrical grid. Here is why: let's say you are trying to heat or light up your home for twelve hours; it takes 12 cents per hour to use electricity, whereas it only costs .07 cents per hour to light up your home. So in this scenario, it is much more cost-effective for the entire twelve hours to light or heat your home. It gives you the advantage when the elements do not mix well with your power grid system over a long duration.

If you are an individual who is worried about dependability, safety, and clean energy, then Propane is for you! How is this so? First off, compared to your typical electrical power grid, Propane is exceedingly dependable because it is a safely stored fuel in a tank vs. where you can and will be subjected to power outages during a snowstorm, hurricane, or thunderstorm. Whereas electricity and water don't mix whatsoever, Propane has an incredible safety record for many decades. For a few reasons, first and foremost due to the stringent regulations and codes developed by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

When your heating your home, Propane has biological safety properties already hardwired into it; for example, Propane won't light when combined with air unless there is a source of ignition that can reach a temperature of 940 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it provides non-toxic pollution and produces a tiny amount of emissions into the air so that it is not harmful to animals, water, or other natural entities. It helps you, the U-Haul Propane consumer, give you more efficiency and lower energy costs than it would cost you for the standard electrical grid.

U-Haul Propane Accessories

U-Haul Propane Features & Accessories

The benefits of Propane are so substantial that they will help get you warm no matter if you are at home, in the backyard, or even on a campsite while you are out on an adventure. Unlike a power grid that most homes and appliances are tied down to, Propane can be stored and carried anywhere because it is a moveable fuel. Propane has many versatile uses, including cooking, fireplaces, dryers, space heaters, and more. All of these would be much more efficient than if you were to have it in an electric or power grid form.

U-Haul helps our consumer base a step further by providing the very best equipment to meet all of your propane needs. No matter if you're grilling for a large gathering of family and friends for the big game or you need a large Propane tank for those long road trips in your camper going across the country, U-Haul has what you need to get the job done. We have a Propane refilling service nationwide, with more than 1,150 locations across the United States and Canada; this gives U-Haul the ability to offer our consumers the most value of any Propane distributor in the nation, providing superior service and quality.

why choose u-haul propane

Why U-Haul Propane?

With the world turning to alternative energy, it is vital to look to different sources to get your heat and power. Propane doesn't require a power source to make energy or keep your family warm because it is an eco-friendly burning fuel; it needs little to no maintenance to use within your home, grill, appliances, or space heater. Whereas electricity is a secondary source of power because it has to source it from a power grid, Propane gives you the versatility to go anywhere and do anything. Where in the end, you will not only be helping the environment but give yourself the cost-effective solution to heating and powering your home for whatever you and your family needs and, most importantly, staying warm during those cold winter months and nights!

If you are looking to turn to clean alternative energy at a lower cost than electricity, then Propane is for you and your family. To learn more about all of U-Haul Propane innovations and accessories, be sure to check us out at for all your Propane needs, and if you're not sure where to get your Cylinders refilled, click our location finder and find a Propane Refill Station Near You.

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