Steps to Refill Your Propane Tank

Propane is used for heaters, cooking & grilling, alternative gas vehicles, tools, and much more! It's important to have your propane tank full when you need it. The steps in this article will help you transport your propane tank, as well as making sure that your tank is filled safely and accurately.

  1. Find out if your propane tank can be refilled
  2. Transport your tank safely
  3. Get it inspected, filled, and paid for at U-Haul
  4. Transport it safely back home

1. Find out if your propane tank can be refilled

  • Check the expiration date - You can find an expiration date already imprinted on your propane tank. By law, most propane tanks expire after 12 years and will need to be re-certified after that expiration date. 

2. Transport your tank safely

  • Close your tank valve - Make sure that the valve on your propane tank is closed tightly to prevent any propane from leaking.
  • Secure the tank - When transporting, use a tank foot, EZGO tank holder, milk crate, towels, or furniture pads to cushion the bottom of the tank and keep it upright. You want to keep the tank upright in case the pressure valve release opens. If this happens, the propane tank will release vapor propane instead of liquid propane. Liquid propane can be dangerous and cause a fire hazard if not taken care of quickly.
  • Proper ventilation - It is not recommended to transport your tank inside a vehicle (back seat of a car). If you do transport your tank in a car, roll down the rear windows to ensure that you get proper ventilation in case your tank valve comes off.

3. Get it inspected, filled, and paid for at U-Haul

  • Refill stations - When you get to a U-Haul location, take your tank straight to the refill station outside of the store. Push the bell at the propane tank to notify the staff at the store. A certified attendant will assist you with your refill. 
  • Tank inspection - The attendant will inspect your tank to determine whether it's safe to refill. The U-Haul employee will check your tank and tank parts to make sure everything is good to go and functioning correctly. You can always purchase a new tank at your local U-Haul store location if your tank can't be refilled. 
  • Pay at the pump - Many U-Haul propane refill stations conveniently allow you to pay at the pump, which gets you back on the road as soon as possible!

4. Transport your tank safely back home

  • Check that your tank valve is closed, secure your tank, and provide proper ventilation once again when transporting your propane tank. Your tank should now be filled, so make sure you have the extra support needed to keep the tank upright.

U-Haul has thousands of locations and team members certified to help you refill your propane tank. Find a location near you today and get your propane tank refilled today. 

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