U-Haul Propane Safety & Security

Things can get very brutal for Americans who live in regions of the country's coldest climates throughout the winter season. Recently, a massive polar vortex has hit a large portion of the continental United States; this includes the following states, all of Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as parts of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Mexico. It has resulted in some of the harshest rolling blackouts and power surges that we have seen in recent memory. Relying on the power grid during these times to keep you and your family warm can be very risky; that is why we want to reassure you there is a solution to your security and safety during the challenging winter conditions.

Though your power may be out, that doesn't mean you have to go cold or hungry during these unstable times; let U-haul take that worry away from you. We are ready and able to fill your propane cylinder tanks to hook up to your grill, space heater, patio heater, and more. You may not know how long it will take for the power grid to come back on, so it is best to be prepared with one of the most extremely clean-burning fuels while ensuring that you and your family stay warm through the harsh winter any blizzards that may be coming along.

During this article, U-Haul will give you all the insights and tools that you need to know how you can keep you and your family warm during these uncertain winter storms. At the same time, ensuring your safety and security will be intact to keep everything under control to get through the brutal cold!

Advantages Propane Has Over Electricity

As the 2021 Polar Vortex runs its course throughout the United States, it is becoming more apparent that relying on the power grid and electricity can only get you so far. As the harsh winter weather rolls in, the local electrical power system can only keep your essentials running for so long before mother nature does something to the energy grid. Therefore, you will need to turn to an alternative fuel source to battle the harsh snow, temperature, and icy conditions. One thing to note is that Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels out there on the marketplace when compared to coal, gasoline, and even natural gas. To ensure that you are not worrying, U-Haul wants to inform you that we are the largest distributor of Propane throughout North America, with over 1,150 locations that can fill up your Propane cylinders.

The advantage of Propane is that it is a primary source of energy that will never stop burning until your source of fuel is out. On the other hand, electricity is a secondary energy source you are tied to form a power grid, which is sourced by a large power plant that uses various sources of energy such as coal, natural gas, wind, and solar energy. With recent storms hitting most of the midwest and south, it is likely; you may not see continuous power for some time as teams work to get the ability back online. Well, no need to worry, because you can still keep yourself and your family as warm as possible with the help of U-Haul Propane. Each U-Haul Propane store is fully equipped and ready to ensure Propane is a viable source of energy in the interim while the power gets resolved in your local area that has been affected.

Unlike other energy sources, the United States is the largest supplier of Propane in the world by far, as it produces the most amount anywhere. So what does this mean for you and your family? It means that you will not have to worry about the supply and demand of Propane during this weather crisis. We also want to make sure that when using any Propane accessories such as a space heater or grill, you will want to make sure that you use it outside where it can be less of an explosive hazard to your home. It will ensure that you will keep your home warm while being safe for everyone around you, including your loved ones!

Keeping You & Your Family Warm

As we mentioned early, Propane is a primary energy source, whereas electricity is a secondary energy source powered by a power plant using a form of energy. So you might be still asking yourself a few questions as to what should I do during a Polar Vortex of the magnitude that a lot of Americans are facing right now at this very moment? Well, U-Haul has the perfect answer for this; whereas a generator that requires to be plugged into an electrical outlet, you can invest in a Propane generator that will solely only require the abundance of Propane that U-Haul has in stock right now. So let us put this in perspective for everyone stuck in the harsh grip of the Polar Vortex and winter storm surrounding most regions of the U.S.A.

With a Propane powered generator, you will be able to power most things in and around your home for the necessities you need as a placeholder until your power can come back to full swing. While this is occurring, you can save money on your power costs over your standard electrical grid, especially during the winter months.

Why Turn To Propane?

There are many reasons to turn to Propane during the Polar Vortex, but the biggest reason above them all is to ensure you keep the essentials going for yourself and your loved ones. Things can happen so unexpectedly, so you must be prepared to be without power and heat for an extended period because when you're on a local electrical grid, you are at the mercy of what happens at the power plant that powers the power grid. Propane can be the hero to ensuring that you maintain all the essentials. That will ensure that you have what you need to keep everything on the upswing during the harsh cold and elements to come.

So be ready for anything that comes your way by picking up your Propane, space heaters, and Propane accessories from your local U-Haul center or directly online at uhaul.com/propane.

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