Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?

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If you’re in the market for a storage unit, you’ve probably seen the phrase “climate control” peppered throughout your internet searches. It's a common feature at many self-storage facilities. But if you’re new to the wide world of storage units, you might have some questions about what exactly climate controlled storage is, whether it’s something you actually need, and what kind of items it’s best for.

Luckily, as the storage experts, U-Haul has all the answers! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about climate controlled storage.

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to regulate temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that your belongings are kept in optimal conditions year round. This means that no matter how hot or cold it gets outside, your items will be safe and sound inside the unit, just like they would be in a cozy closet or bedroom at home.

Our U-Haul climate-controlled storage units are kept at a comfortable temperature range of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures that your belongings and delicate items are shielded from extreme weather conditions while in storage. This is a major advantage over drive-up or outdoor storage units, which lack any form of climate control.

Is Climate Controlled Storage Necessary?

It depends! If you’re planning on storing anything that might be sensitive to temperature fluctuations, climate control is a must-have. Many people don’t realize that extreme heat, high humidity, and freezing temperatures can severely damage a variety of materials.

For example, in high heat, plastic can melt or warp. In high humidity, metal is prone to rusting and wood can severely warp, rot, or crack. In freezing temperatures, electronics can lose battery life. Renting a climate controlled storage unit is an easy way to mitigate these hazards and ensure your items stay in pristine condition!

Consider the Climate in Your Area

Are you in the dry, sweltering Southwest, or the muggy Southeast? Do you live in the Midwest, where winters are frigid and summers are balmy? If your belongings won’t pair well with the weather in your region, climate control might be the way to go.

Consider How Long You Need Storage

If you’re planning on keeping your things in storage for a long time (several months or more), climate controlled storage might be a good idea. Your belongings will be subject to multiple seasons and the longer your items are exposed to the elements, the greater risk of them being damaged.

What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

In a perfect world, everything would be stored in a climate controlled storage unit. But because that’s not always a possibility, it’s best to reserve climate controlled units when your stored items can be negatively affected by weather conditions.

To help you determine whether your storage journey requires a climate controlled unit, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of items based on the things people typically store in a storage unit. Each of these items are more sensitive to harmful weather conditions and should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit.

Why You Might NOT Need Climate Controlled Storage

To help you determine your storage needs, it might help to look at things from the opposite perspective – what are some scenarios that don’t require climate controlled storage? Below are a handful of situations that might not call for the extra protection provided by climate controlled units.

You Only Need Short-Term Storage

If your need for storage is only for a few weeks or so, you might not require climate control. For example, if you’ve recently downsized and you’re storing some furniture temporarily, you can probably get away with a non-climate controlled storage unit.

Your Items are Durable

Are you storing tools, sporting equipment, outdoor furniture, or landscaping equipment? If so, you can probably opt out of climate control. The general rule of thumb: If you would store it in a garage, then you can store it in an outdoor storage unit or other non-climate controlled units.

You Live in a Consistently Moderate Climate

Not all regions experience extreme weather. For example, parts of the Southwest, West Coast, and even Hawaii have consistent temperatures and humidity levels year-round. If you live in such an area, reconsider if climate control is needed at all.

You’re Storing Replaceable Items

In some cases, the things you’re storing are not sentimental and easily replaceable. In these instances, a non-climate controlled storage unit might be suitable for your belongings.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Protection from the Elements – As mentioned multiple times in this article, the main advantage of climate-controlled storage is the protection it provides against extreme temperatures. This means that whether you reside in the scorching Arizona desert or the freezing Minnesota snow, your belongings will be maintained at a consistent temperature between 65 to 85 degrees.

Ultimate Peace of Mind – Even with all the guidance available, you may still have questions about whether your childhood baseball card collection needs climate control. The great news is that when you choose a climate-controlled storage unit, you can relax knowing your prized possessions will remain in perfect condition.

Mold and Mildew Prevention – Climate control doesn't just protect against extreme temperatures. It also helps keep humidity in check. High humidity can damage your belongings and even cause mold or mildew to grow. Make sure your fabrics, furniture, documents, and other items stay safe from any humidity-related issues.

Pests, Pests, Pests – It's true. Pests are more likely to infest storage units that lack climate control. This is because climate controlled units are typically located indoors in a sealed facility, making it harder for pests to sneak in.

Reserve a Climate Controlled Storage Unit Today!

When you’re ready to move into a climate controlled storage unit near you, we’ll help you find the perfect storage facility to accommodate your needs. With thousands of storage facilities located across the U.S. and Canada – the majority of which featuring climate controlled units – there’s bound to be a location near you!

Learn more about our climate controlled storage facilities and find storage today!

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