How to Store Garage Items and Small Engine Equipment in Self-Storage

A garage is an effective storage solution, but eventually you will run out of space. This is especially the case when you have large recreational equipment – specifically powered, small engine equipment. These items are generally seasonal in nature, so storing them year-round in your garage means less space for items you need frequent access to throughout the year. In this case, a storage unit at a nearby storage facility has a lot to offer. The biggest benefits includes opening up useful garage space, providing you with convenient access to your belongings and giving you a secure place to store your belongings when not in use.

If you’re looking at storage options for lawn mowers, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs or bicycles, here are some tips to help get you started.

1. Clean Your Equipment

If you want your equipment to stay in great shape, give it a deep clean before putting it away using soap, water and microfiber towels (or whatever cleaning method you prefer for your equipment). Be sure to allow your equipment to dry inside and out to avoid rust or unwanted moisture accumulation, and consider adding a layer of protective wax or polish to maintain shine and color.

2. Drain Fuel or Use Stabilizer

Fuel begins to degrade when it sits for long periods, which can damage your fuel system and tank over time. If you plan on storing small engine equipment like lawn mowers, motorcycles and ATVs for an extended period of time without use, we recommend draining your tank. However, if you plan on accessing your items throughout the year, top off your tank and treat the fuel tank with fuel stabilizer.

3. Perform Routine Maintenance Beforehand

Sprucing up your equipment before putting it away is a great way to ensure it works as it should when you pull it out of storage later. It’s especially recommended if you’re storing a lawn mower, motorcycle or ATV for winter storage. Recommended General Maintenance Tips:

  • Inflate the tires
  • Check the hoses and lines for leaks
  • Lubricate chains and other necessary components
  • Replace the air filter

4. Use Covers with your Equipment

For added protection from dust, dirt, water and other contaminants, cover your equipment in a breathable fabric. Your first choice should be a storage cover specially made for motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers and bicycles. If you don’t have a cover like this, you can use a lightweight tarp or even an old cotton sheet.

5. Indoor or Outdoor Storage?

Whether you need an indoor or outdoor storage unit will depend on the equipment you plan on storing and how often you want to access it. Couple of things to keep in mind in determining which one is best suited for you:

  • If you need access to your items often and want an extension of your garage or shed at home, an outdoor/drive up storage is going to work best for you. These units are street level and can be accessed with a truck or truck, making it more convenient. Simply pull up, load up and go.
  • If you want an extra layer of security against humidity and temperature, and don’t need to access your items as often, an indoor facility with climate control will work for you.

No matter your storage needs, there’s a U-Haul self-storage facility that can make your garage items feel right at home. Make U-Haul your Storage Place today and find a self-storage facility near you today.

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